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  1. We're hanging out right now. If you want to join, send me your email address. Or if you wish to join in the future, we can make that happen.
  2. Well, you're awake right now.
  3. I'm hanging out in 30 mins. I don't care if I'm there alone but let me know if you wish to join. What do you say Hayes? Want to talk with a bunch of nerds, you sportshead?
  4. I love Ross and wish to see at least TWO photos of him per week. HD is PDQ too, I guess.
  5. Sorry to hear this, Honlads. Hang in there and let us know if we can do anything to help. I wish I could bring you a casserole and a hug.
  6. Yes, this is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you for clarifying, CORPSEFUCKER SHITLORD. You're a doll!
  7. Any of the early ones with experienced improvisers, like #5 the first PFT. Or just start with episode 1. It's not the best episode, but it's pretty darn good. I like that in the first episode they seemed quite nice and Sean said the log line. They were so naive back then!
  8. Whoa, Joe, how did you get Jason Ritter to do lighting for you? Do all actors start out in grip and electrical? PS - You were very handsome and cute and also funny!!
  9. Did you get that thing I sent you?
  10. Like I said, strong muscles and a real understanding of safety...both great qualities to have in this context.
  11. Wow! They are so multi-talented. I never knew that they worked grip and electrical. They must have some strong muscles and a real understanding of safety.
  12. Casaba

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    Anybody want a peanut?
  13. Are Sean and Hayes in She's All That?!?! Oh wait, are you talking about the fun coincidence that Dule Hill and Milo Ventimiglia are both in it?
  14. Nooooooo! Sean, Hayes, do what Veebs says before this horrible fate befalls me!!! Whoa, some people are getting a more raw deal than others.
  15. It's not a competition. This is a safe space.
  16. Maybe after they lost the farm to Monsanto, his dad became a police officer for 20 years and then retired after that. Since Sean is in his mid-40's or maybe early 50's, this would mean that he was on the farm for the first 18-20 years of his life. His dad probably retired fairly recently, in the last few years. And maybe Sean considers himself an orphan since he lost his mom...like a half-orphan.
  17. Wait a minute! Why didn't anyone congratulate me on 900 posts? This is a big deal, people! This is all I have!
  18. So when is the next circle jerk hangout happening? Tuesday? Thursday? Friday?
  19. Casaba

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    So, why were the birthday boys there? Were they canceled from this episode?
  20. Can that be considered a circle? It's more of a vector.
  21. So, you guys are planning a circle jerk? When is this happening? Is everyone invited?
  22. I am so glad that the logistics of this got worked out.
  23. With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus is the only earwolf show he's been a guest on (on which he's been a guest), but he was really a host, so that complicates things.
  24. It was strange, but I enjoyed it. I cracked up when Hayes asked if Legal Zoom has anything "if you're trying to leave your family situation." Also, when Sean said that they were injured when manufacturing the pillowcase bed. They were great at derailing Scott's ads. "And the stamps are free?" "How much to ship a dog after completing a dog swap?" It's also nice that Scott keeps plugging them...and promoting their show. Ay-o! I hope they become guests on CBB sometime in the near future.
  25. Casaba

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    Legal Zoom and Stamps.com should really hire Sean and Hayes as consultants. They have great ideas and pose great questions!