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  1. This is a good Louisiana noir: It's not exactly a noir, but it uses a noir style and structure to tell a different kind of story. If you ever get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it.
  2. Sean, come enjoy the beautiful wooded areas of Northern California. They are plentiful here:
  3. Just to be clear, this is the Louisiana darkness, right?
  4. Clunk! The sound of the toast popping up in the toaster woke Cindy from her daydream. She gently pinched the toast with her thumb and forefinger and quickly transferred it to her plate before her fingers were burned. She stared down at her knife as she slowly spread the butter on her toast. This was another rough morning before another boring day at work. Cindy didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to be reminded that she was a secretary. She didn't want to think of her cubicle under the blinding florescent lights in her huge corporate office building. Her mind was elsewhere. She sat down at her kitchen table with her toast. Her cat, also named Cindy, circled her legs beneath the table. Cindy bent down and gently scratched Cindy's head. She inherited this cat from a former coworker who moved, but she couldn't bare to change her name. It felt wrong somehow. As she ate her toast, Cindy thought of the previous weekend and how thrilling it had all been. Without much thought, on Friday after work, Cindy had packed a bag, asked a neighbor to feed Cindy, and jumped in her car. She drove all night until she couldn't drive anymore. She found herself in Austin, Texas in a bar, dancing her past life away. She went home with a nice man that night. Happy for a place to stay and some sweet loving. The next day she saw the sights, rode horseback, ate some good barbecue, saw a few bands play, and went home with a different man. Early Sunday morning she crept out of this stranger's house before he woke up, got back in her car, and headed home. But now it was Monday morning again. The adventure was over. And the florescent lights were calling her.
  5. Bring it on, Bruce! I'll fuckin' hangout right now! I don't give a fuck! (This is a character I'm working on right now: The agro joiner.) EDIT: No, but really, Bruce, whenever you want to hang, you just lemme know, mmmkay? (This is another character I'm working on right now: The helpful office lady)
  6. Spunky, I have an assignment for you. Are you ready for this challenge? EDIT: This can be for anyone: Write a very short story (one or two paragraphs) that involves two animals and a toaster.
  7. This question mark is sexist.
  8. Kumail, Who's the biggest prankster on the Silicon Valley set? How was it when you first came to the U.S.? Any culture shock? How did you prepare for the role of Kumail the staffer on Michael and Michael Have Issues?
  9. Dear Kumail, 1. How is it working with your wife? Do you ever start kissing at work or tell jokes in the bedroom? 2. What was the first video game you ever played? 3. What's the best thing about Bagel the cat?
  10. ...and Veebs for being the OG OG and probably the funniest person on here. As Hayes pointed out, Veebs commented on the first RSS episode. She is our Eve.
  11. Oh! I want to use one of these so badly, but I feel like I need to stick with my pirate cat forever, as it's part of my brand now. Damn, I'm being held hostage by this pirate cat!
  12. I take back what I said about loving feuds. This American Diaper feud is boring as shit. Maybe I just loved the OG Treese/McGurl feud. Now, let's get back to making with the funny. PS - Dixon, congrats on your new job!
  13. Welcome back. I'll call into your podcast. I have a small amount of experience. Btw, I do snus now.
  14. Feud Feud Feud Feud Feud! I like a good HH forum feud! The Treese/McGurl feud was getting a little stale, so I'm glad American Diaper stirred things up. Knowing that Tim made that song, I suspect he made that rude jab because we were getting too lovey in here. PS - I love you guys. You're the best and you make me want to be a better person. PPS - Fight Fight Fight!
  15. Casaba

    EPISODE 222 β€” Suit City

    Another great Whooch. I too was surprised that John has two kids. Probably because he is so good at playing an irresponsible Bevers type. But I do wish he were my dad. I bet his kids will have a creative and unique view on the world with all of that false information he probably feeds them.
  16. Happy Birthday, MBoP, if today is in fact your birthday.
  17. I don't even know what you're talking about, kid, but you seem special. Shine on you crazy diamond!
  18. Haha! Please someone photoshop this up real quick for me.
  19. Is this one of my nicknames? Or is this the evil version of me?
  20. I know you all have been waiting... As always, here are my notes: 1.) Kevin and Demi seem very sweet and friendly and I think people like to hear friends being friends on a podcast. 2.) I listened to Gilmore Guys first because Sean was on there, but now I like it as I have seen all of Gilmore Girls and these fellas bring up some good points. I used to love Jess, but now I see how horrible he is thanks to Kevin. Rory really never got a very good love interest. She mostly liked a-hole douchebats. 3.) Sean and Hayes are looking very fresh faced and handsome. I get the feeling that they are on the same shaving schedule. They always have a beard at the same time. Do they shave together in the same location? Or do they just call each other to coordinate when they will shave and when they will grow? 4.) Congratulations greggy. I was really pulling for you and I’m glad they gave a pro version, even if it was just for the Psych podcast. It’s odd that they have run out of names for the pro version and yet there are so many new people on here. Start buying people! 5.) I don’t like when Sean and Hayes fight. I prefer when they make kissy and love each other. 6.) Was Hayes in the hospital? He has what looks like a hospital band on his right wrist. Plus he sounds a little stuffed up. You doing ok, buddy? 7.) Sean β€œI don’t order it because I have the whole macrobiotic…” Hayes: β€œOh yeah I know. That’s another reason why I thought it was strange because it doesn’t have as big biotics as you..” Additional note: I love that Sean and Hayes haven't seen any of these Oscar movies and don't know who any of these people are (except Meryl Streep).
  21. Hey man, the crowd loved it. This slide in particular got a standing O from the Board of Trustees. They do love Miley though.