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  1. Maybe this is a lesson to us all that we should have less seasonal fun on this forum.
  2. How convenient that this new Andrew joined the forums on October 25th and the real Andrew changed his name on October 24th. I think a conspiracy might be afoot.
  3. Maybe we should haze that new Andrew until he gives up his name. We need to protect our own! Will do. I'll start working on it now.
  4. It's a bit mysterious that certain forum folk disappeared around the time that I wrote a story about them. And then they reappeared and may never ever know that this story was written. Once I become successful in showbiz (supposedly from listening to this podcast, although that is now in question) maybe I should turn this story into a hit television show executive produced by Dick Wolf, then these forum folk can see their lives portrayed on the small movies screen. PS - Happy Birthday, Chanson!
  5. Joe! This is my favorite Halloween video. I had a VHS copy growing up. Me and my friends used to pull this out every year and watch Tim Curry make an ass out of himself. I am so glad you posted this! PS - the special effects really hold up in this.
  6. Oh this photo is from when we were living in an abandoned Blockbuster Video. We made DVD stew and VHS sandwiches for a while until it all ran out. I used a Bull Durham poster for a blanket and got high on head cleaner. Those were some good days.
  7. She will cut you if you come near her usps large flat rate box.
  8. I pretty much live on the street now but I use every cent I've got to keep up those payments. My cat Zoe lives in a cardboard box. We sleep under a freeway overpass. We busk in bart stations on the weekends for a little cash. Overall, it's not a bad life because we have the pro version.
  9. B Ho, did you see that earwolf instagrammed your Cody poster? Kudos.
  10. Follow up: What's your new job?
  11. Three questions for rod: 1. What fears do you have related to moving across the country? 2. What aspects of the big move are you most excited about? 3. And what makes you feel like a right plum?
  12. Casaba

    Episode 204 — High & Mighty For Smarties

    I love beginning my walk to work every Wednesday morning with Adam Ant's Apollo 9. It gets me so pumped! I got a little bummed out about all of their Halloween hate. Let the folks like what they like. I'm not a huge fan of xmas, but when I see that someone else is into it, it still makes me smile. They get joy from it, so let them be. But I did enjoy Howard's spooky scenarios for Alison. Two Sklars in glasses! It can't be possible!
  13. Wait a minute...can we discuss Cody spilling his hi-C on the machine and making this episode jarring for a minute? What kind of hi-C was it? By any chance was it a....Ecto Cooler?! Cody is some kind of electronics ghost, entering the wires, breaking recordings devices, and disappearing without notice. Is this a photo of Cody? I think it might be.
  14. I also giggled heartily when Iliza told the fellas that they talk like Dutch people who are just now figuring things out.
  15. Good ep. I love Hayes's reaction to the tissue box. I love the explanation of the pro version, because frankly I did not know what I was getting myself into when I bought it. It's quite a commitment. I love Hayes's secret cards against humanity ad. I loved hearing Hayes's OCD with saying the opening line of the show...and then saying "Heeey" when he gets it right, like some kind of Fonzie. What? Do I have a favorite? No...no, I don't think I have a favorite. Oh no, Sean is great...no really, he is. Ok...well then, I like how Sean hit on Hayes when Sean was playing teacher. "And can I say if I had students who looked like you, they'd be getting a little bit of extra credit. And that's just a compliment on your appearance."
  16. They said it couldn't be done, but we did it! Thanks Hayes for that bump in posts!! We couldn't have done it without you. Andrew and Joe, you guys kept setting the bar higher and higher. I can't say I didn't curse you from time to time, but you pushed me to be the forum poster that i never knew I could be. And for that I thank you. I'd also like to thank my boss for making my job so unbearably boring. We did it guys!! PS - I do not condone this kind of cat torture and humiliation.
  17. Hayzie, has your mismatched hair and beard been a benefit or detriment to your success and popularity? Follow up: Speak on that. Clem, Is kitties is movies? If not, why do I watch them all the time?
  18. Ok. Yay! Thanks for the Veg love! I am originally from Arizona, where I was often shamed for not eating meat. It's definitely easier here in the Bay Area though.
  19. Delicious! I shall now make potatoes for dinner tonight.
  20. BRRII, what's your favorite way to prepare a tater? Fried? Roasted?
  21. Oh fun! I don't want to start any east coast-west coast battles in here, but the West Coast is the better of the two coasts.
  22. Andrew, are you staying up all night for this?
  23. Guys, I'm embarrassed by my last post (#249). I think I just revealed how sad my life is...I'm a dumb vegetarian who will never taste real poutine.
  24. I've never actually been to Montreal, but I want to go someday. And I've never had poutine because I'm vegetarian. I've heard that there's veggie poutine out there, but it's not as good. Eh, I'll have to try it someday anyway.