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  1. I'm sure I must, but I can't think of any right now. God, what life have I lived that I can't thinking of a humorous anecdote involving food?! Ok. I'll make one up and I'll incorporate a fart for Valerie. I once went to Montreal and as soon as I got there all I could think of was getting some poutine. I was craving poutine so hard. My friend told me about a great cafe that serves "the best poutine" she's ever had. So, I get the address from her, but when I get there that corner of the street is a huge construction site. So, I pull out my phone to look up the cafe to see if it's moved. I drop my phone as I pull it out of my pocket and it starts to fall into the construction site. As I bend down to catch it, I ripped a huge fart (I was holding it in all day after I had a huge coffee with cream that morning). I thought maybe no one heard, due to all of the loud construction noises, but sure enough I look over at the construction workers and they are all looking at me and laughing. There's about 6 dudes there. I ask them if they will grab my phone for me, since it is on the other side of the fence in the construction site. They ask what I'm going to do for them in return. I tell them to fuck off and jump over the fence to grab my phone. I grabbed my phone and stand up to see through the fence that across the street is the poutine place I was searching for all along. I purposefully ripped another huge fart, kicked the fence down and stomped across the street to fill my face with poutine. The construction workers yelled and cursed me as I stomped away.
  2. ajz, have any real Wisconsiny stories, perhaps a comedic story involving some cheese curds? Bonus question, what is the best part of Wisconsin to visit, if I were to visit?
  3. Whoa! Twelve pages. Well done, gang! That is some of the best forum posting that I've seen in a long time.
  4. PS - VB, you have awakened a writing demon within me and I love it!
  5. Valerie, I love your eff-ing classy literary work. Well done, m'lady! I had a rough day today at work, so I wrote a completely true autobiographical short story about it: https://www.scribd.com/doc/244315271/The-real-and-truthful-autobiographical-story-of-Anastasia-Vigo-s-Friday
  6. Androoling zombie Killer Android Dead Mandrew Skelingtandrew
  7. I think greggy is headed for fame with his great podcast. And I'm sure as soon as Freja lands in LA, the mayor will give her a key to the city and agents will beg to represent her.
  8. Yes! We need to fight this tyranny! This invasion of outsiders! They may take our forum, but they will never take our freedom!... ...Oh wait, I just got here a few months ago.
  9. Agreed. It's like I've finally come home after being at war for years and I've only had some letters to read, or maybe some cassettes...but this was like a long time ago, because nowadays I'm sure soldiers skype with their families....oh forget it. Valerie's analogy was better. Baby like.
  10. Casaba

    HWH project

    What's the status on this production? I can't wait to listen to this!
  11. Thanks, Andrew. I was feeling pretty violated after that attack. But this makes me feel better.
  12. I was wondering what Hayes has been up to lately (besides HH) and I guess he has been living in this house and shooting this reality show for Conde Nast.
  13. Has there already been a discussion about Those People:
  14. Casaba

    Episode 203 — Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    I love love love this episode. Howard and Ku need to always be in front of an audience. It brings out the magic! Twooch Tour, please!
  15. Holy moly! My drawing is really on the episode page! Thanks, agata! Now I will finally be taken seriously as an artist.
  16. I guess I just have too much like in my heart.
  17. Since Cody f-ed up and didn't take any photos of Sean, Hayes, and Lauren, I propose that my drawing and Andrew's excellent "drawing" be added to the official photos for this episode.
  18. This was unintentional but I now see that Hayes is wearing only chaps and letting his nether region be free.
  19. Haha! I am so glad I captured Sean's roguish gleam. I was trying to do a real drawing and then gave up because it did not have the immediacy that I now require in this internet age. So, I resorted to fast and sloppy. Then I added a little Hayzie so he wouldn't feel left out.
  20. Weeeeee! Fun episode! I did some doodles while listening to the episode at work....needless to say, I haven't done much work yet today.
  21. I'm so excited to hear this ep! I love Lauren. I was just relistening to the final sentiment off between Traci Rearden and JW Stillwater on CBB. She's amazing. Andy, how fun was this?
  22. Greggy, I listened to your podcast and it was a delight.
  23. Dear Iliza, In showbiz, why do women need to look pretty?