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  1. Hayes has the voice of an angel. That was Hayes singing. It was like listening to that children's choir in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet....brought tears to my eyes.
  2. Los Angeles people who I haven't met yet, if you feel inclined to meet me, I'm going to Shitty Jobs on 7/12. Let me know if you're going and we can make plans to meet before hand. That is all.
  3. It's cool. I sort of gave up on lists when they got too popular. I'm a lone wolf.
  4. Sean is a lot like an autobot himself. He's got a hard exterior but he's a real softy inside.
  5. Some questioned why Colt's father would take him to a Hooters in the first place. It seemed to be in poor judgment to take a young impressionable boy to a place that teaches objectification and misogyny. But after the photo, no one said anything. It was destiny that poor judgment created this historic meeting.
  6. Once that photo hit the Internet, it was like wildfire. It started a whole movement. Something was really happening here. It was bigger than Shaq, bigger than hooters, bigger than basketball even. Colt was thrust into the spotlight so quickly, and frankly he couldn't handle that level of fame over night.
  7. Chanson is actually a really nice guy and a good person too. New people are often way too hard on him because of a bit the boys do.
  8. We just printed a few and gave them all out already. Sorry. Earwolf needs to step up its game and make some shirts already. PS - Other people made rad shirts too, like Brgrho and Velvet Revolver and Nico. http://samschillinghyphen.tumblr.com/post/106521173066/hollywood-handbook-t-shirt-design-i-made
  9. Casaba

    EPISODE 237.5 — 6/19/15 TWO CHARTED 176

    I had a clench in my left shoulder, pectoral, and upper back that I was working on with the same crowbar tool that Howard uses. Finally I gave up and got a massage from a very strong lady. The next day I was bruised all over my chest and upper back, but once the bruises cleared the clench was gone. Keep going Howard. Show that clench who's boss!
  10. yeah, I think Anastasia AND Tim Treese did that We're a dynamic duo. Best Friends Club for life!
  11. I too have wanted to upload a cute kitten photo on the go and realized there was no way to do so. Unfortunately, if you use the Earwolf app or safari, then it forces you to use the mobile version of the website, which does not allow you to upload photos or view likes. You can try downloading chrome for your phone. Earwolf just put out a new app called Howl that implies that someday you will be able to use to forums on there, but I think by then our forums will have received an overhaul as well. I am sure there is a discussion of this in the General Earwolf thread somewhere.
  12. PS - I absolutely love the pet photos. Keep them coming forever....in future threads as well. I want constant updates on how all of your pets are doing. Pets! Pets! Pets! This is Zoe. She's old and adorable. Her nose is extra pink and her cheeks extra big. I often call her Mo Cheeks. This is Maude. She's round and proud. She's a sassy lady who likes to yell at me and sit nestled in my hair.
  13. Sorry for the delay. I was driving, but now I'm not driving. The live HH was wonderful! Our boys were in top form. Hayes was a singing and giggling machine. Sean acted his little butt off. Huskey was charming and smart and witty. The audience asked some good (actually dumb) questions. It was great! I don't want to spoil anything cuz I think you'll really enjoy the ep....but I will provide one small spoilie by showing this photo: Chefszki, we were probably sitting right behind you. We were in the first row of seats. Did you see us? I look like a sack of flour with long curly hair. I was with Andy, Agata, Marshall Mellow, and Asteck. Next time we all gotta wear roses in our lapels or something. I was really hoping to meet some new forumers last night.
  14. Alright, nerdlingers! I am totally cheesed that none of you who were at the live show tonight came up and said hi to me!! What the eff! Explain yourselves! Is it because I keep calling you nerds? You shouldn't be insulted by that! Nerds are cool now!
  15. I could watch ADC fall down a million times and laugh my butt off every time. Thank you! I have cats. I'll show you how cute they are in a few days.
  16. Hey nerds. I've decided to go to the live HH. If you see me you should say hi. If you don't know what I look like then you're not trying hard enough.
  17. Guys, I'm psychic. I don't think I've told you this before. And I have seen a vision of what tomorrow's episode will be like. The opening segment is going to be just Sean and Hayes and they're just going to be doing their normal thing with maybe....uh...Engineer Sam, definitely Sam, working the levels. No one else will be there. Just those three bros (Sean, Hayes, and Sam) being fun and telling jokes. No one else. And they're probably going to talk about Jurassic World and how they had bit parts in it as velociraptors and how they actually fell in love with Chris Pratt after shooting because he's so handsome. Hayes will not laugh or make any giggle noises at all. And Sean will be wearing a heavy sweater and a cowboy hat and Hayes will be wearing a tank top and flip flops, not his normal light blue shirt and tan boots. And Sean will have huge Victorian mutton chop sideburns. I saw it in the fire, y'all. This shit must be true.
  18. I'm glad this little guy is on our side now. Cuz he's good at two things: slaying snitches and laying bitches. Woof woof! - Dr. Blades Krunkoff GGBz
  19. I deleted something so now you get to see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTk688cXTsA
  20. Hi Erin, Do you remember the first time (or an early moment) when you were funny and made people laugh? Who, living or dead, would you like to beat up if you could? Thank you!
  21. Wow, this week you can't walk around the forum without stepping on a chalk outline or accidentally kicking a dead body. It's like Snoop and Chris came through here.
  22. No worries, Ellie. We know who sent it: http://forum.earwolf...post__p__150476 But I'm glad that you got the rush of hearing your name on the HH. Many fight and die for that honor. Cheers to you! PS - welcome!
  23. This guy clearly hasn't read the rules or he wouldn't be so upset.
  24. Around these parts, we are all quite partial to Mr. McGurl. We think he's funny and handsome....very handsome. So, I reckon we appreciate his rules. PS - Have you read the rules? They're very funny.