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  1. Ok. Valerie, what dessert did you eat on your birthday? Do you go for standard birthday cake? Or did you mix it up with like a birthday eclair or something?
  2. Sean? Hayes? Any chance you fellas will be coming to Sketchfest? Hmmmm?
  3. So, can we initiate the Northern California chapter of the HH Forum Society? At meetings we'll just drink tea and misuse plurals together. As the 3 founders, our portraits will be painted and hung in our meeting hall. Also, I know this is several months away, but we should all go to some Sketchfest shows together.
  4. Valerie, I like this story a lot. I love the crazy heaven details and the narrator is great. Plus the dialogue felt very natural. I like how our "ghost stories" aren't very scary. I like the idea of Toby and Andrew fusing together. I will work on that story some more. Whoa, Stockton is pretty darn close. I'm in Oakland. We should grab a beer some time.
  5. Sure, you can give real notes if you want. I'm always open to feedback. PS - I'm so glad you are happy to be in this one. I don't want to offend anyone. Has anyone been offended? Is this why Chanson hasn't been around much this week? If so, the lowest of sientos to you.
  6. Is it VB's birthday? Happy Birthday!! And you're welcome, TKS: https://www.scribd.com/doc/243367561/Ghost-Dancer-Episode-01 I don't have an ending for it, so if anyone wants to help me write an ending or punch it up, I would love that. Also, any formatting tips are welcome.
  7. TKS, first of all, thank you. Second, is this your way of asking us all to write stories about you so you can use all of our stories for a sitcom pitch you have lined up later this month?
  8. That little squirrel sitting on the back of the couch just killed me! Maybe I'll be him for Halloween. PS - There can be two Charlies. Just like there are two Joshes.
  9. You should be Bowie. People will love it! Are you going to be shirtless? Are you going to wear tights? Oh! Or you can be Freddie Mercury. False buck teeth and a nice moustache! There's a million possibilities with rock stars. I've always wanted to be Jimmy Page in his dragon jumpsuit, but it might take me years to sew that. This year, I think I'm going to be either Nadine or Shelly from Twin Peaks, and my friend Nathaniel is going to be Log Lady.
  10. Which Bowie were you going to be? Ziggy Stardust? Aladdin Sane? Thin White Duke? You could really throw people off and be Tin Machine era Bowie and just wear a regular old suit.
  11. Casaba

    Episode 202 — Big Ass Meals

    LL Cool Lapkus
  12. Casaba

    Episode 202 — Big Ass Meals

    Havasu City is near a big lake at least. And this lake is particularly good for cruising on a sea doo.
  13. It bums me out that you've been feeling pretty bummed out lately. I hope you're feeling better. I think random loffing helps chase the blues away.
  14. Veebs! Yes! Let's meet up! Are you near by? Thanks for the nice words. You've just inspired me to write more.
  15. Casaba

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    I do love this song. It gets stuck in my head from time to time.
  16. Ok, VB. You've convinced me to write something. I've never written a screenplay before, so the formatting is probably all wrong, but here you go: https://www.scribd.com/doc/243005739/Bro-Dads-Episode-01 I was just wondering where showshowbro has been and just wrote this as a sort of explanation.
  17. PS - BoB, you make me loff. PPS - Freja, I like your new photo.
  18. Casaba

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    Agreed! I like to be surprised when there's a b-b-b-bonus. And why do these episodes have names! That also spoils it. I knew sandwiches were going to play a role in this episode before I even started it!
  19. In the spirit of Halloween, this is pretty s-s-s-scary! This might be what you see right before you die: Sean's deathstare.
  20. Casaba

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    I like that Scott can't just say "You'll be famous for a week" if it's not true. He has to mean it. He's a pretty literal guy.
  21. Good work, VB and greggy! Poor Hayes though. It sounds like he had some absentee parents. Maybe that's why he was an overachiever, to get their attention and gain their love.
  22. I know Halloween can be scary but it can also be fun like doing movies. I know Halloween isn't movies, but it can be like the making of movies with costumes and characters. It can also be fun to just look at what is in your house and decide what to be based on what you already have. One year I was an Anthropology professor because I had some African fabrics and jewelry. I let my hair get big and frizzy and wore sandals with socks. I sort of made fun of myself with that costume, although I'm not really an Anthropology professor. I like this video. I like the special effects. And that's one of my all time favorite songs. It is also pretty dong heavy with those white tights. That's ok though. Some times things gotta get dong-centric. Much like what writers often say, I like to say "costume what you know" (even if no one else will understand what you are).
  23. Amazing! We are long lost sisters I think! I'm annoying about it too! Every time I leave the house I come back with some small decorative gourd or Halloween decoration. Our tiny apartment is filled with them. And I have plans this weekend to bake pumpkin bread and apple cinnamon rolls! I instantly crave pumpkin, apples, yams and butternut squash as soon as October arrives. Those owl/pumpkin/pilgrim figurines sound wonderful...and crazy. I love it! Mail order bride sounds fun. I can't wait to see photos. Are there stamps involved? I haven't decided what to be yet. I have pretty long wavy hair right now so I was thinking of using that. Joey Ramone? 80's Van Halen? I've also wanted to wear an eye patch, so maybe Snake Plissken or Nadine from Twin Peaks? But I might need to cut my hair for those. Dunno. What's your favorite past costume?
  24. I don't think anyone would blame you for wanting to do this. Go forth, and make it happen!
  25. Thank you, Freja! I almost chose a cat in a witch costume, but it was way too s-s-s-scary! This is by far my favorite time of year and I want so badly to start a discussion about Halloween, so...will everyone be dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you wearing?