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    Episode 199.5 β€” 9/26/14 TWO CHARTED 138

    I love this song! I sing it all the time like a crazy person. I think she considers him her real dad. For 14 years she thought he was her biological father. So, she probably just calls him her dad, but has to clarify "dad who raised her" now that she's met her biological father.
  2. I love Black Butte Porter and I am very excited to try Black Raven's Trickster. I also love beer, and believe in the saying "the darker the beer the sweeter the juice." That's a saying right? I mean I like dark beers. Unfortunately, I am cutting down on beer in order to keep my girlish figure. It sucks. But I still treat myself from time to time.
  3. Chanson, have you tried Pliny the Elder? http://russianriverbrewing.com/brews/pliny-the-elder/
  4. In my most motherly tone I will say, "What? You're a handsome young man. And you have a nice t-shirt on. Why be so self-conscious?"
  5. I think you should go with Avon Barksdale in a wet-suit with a flatscreen on it. It's fun but it'll make the kids think too. It's conceptual.
  6. And how could you not want to be best friends with Freja! Her photo is god damn majestic! Maybe the ladies make Tim uncomfortable.
  7. Casaba

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    Haha! I love this so much! CFSL, this must be one of your good deeds for your warn situation.
  8. Casaba

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    I love how Howard has connected with the last three guests. He gets so excited when someone agrees with his philosophies. It's like he has been an outcast for so long, but now he's finally finding his people.
  9. Hey guys, who are you going to dress up as for Halloween, Hayes or Sean? I'm thinking Hayes because I could wear the mismatched hair and beard. But Sean has all the cool accessories like sunglasses hanging from shirt.
  10. Or is it because your name is less shocking these days, what with all the crazy things kids do now...
  11. You can listen to all of season 3 on soundcloud:
  12. The best thing about Monday is knowing that soon it will be Tuesday.
  13. Tru dat. Girls love centaurs. Also this fella should hold a puppy or kitten. And he should smile, but not too much.
  14. Is speech impediment movies? (That one's for Chanson)
  15. Casaba

    Episode 311 β€” Denny’s Boys

    I love when Scott sings along with the Would You Rather theme. ...I miss WYR.
  16. Yeah, there's a good local comedy scene in the Bay Area, but it's mostly stand up (which I enjoy). My improv classes have been mostly tech employees learning to be social and older people without much to do. There are just a few of us serious peeps sprinkled in there. You're lucky in Chicago. That's a great place for comedy/improv. If you write something that you like, would you be willing to share it with us?
  17. You do nice work, Josh. Can I call you Josh? Hilarious and frightening at the same time.
  18. Yes to Elon Musk's fast tube! And Yes to "invade Sean's UCB show" night!
  19. I'm very excited for you. I think you'll enjoy it and you already have some pro tips from S + H, so I'm sure you will be king of your class. By the way, BATS often has classes in Palo Alto if for some reason you don't like Made Up Theater. But in the first few foundation classes, it's all the same really. I wish I could pop down to LA for 6 weeks and take some classes at UCB.
  20. Mean Detective and Tim, I take improv classes. I felt a little silly about it at first, but I absolutely love it now. It's pretty therapeutic and super fun. Don't be nervous, Tim! I think you'll enjoy it. Which theater are you going to? I take classes with BATS Improv.
  21. Not yet. Hey Scotts, where's our fucking t-shirts?
  22. Guys, I'm worried about Earwolfman Jack. He's not sounding so good these days. It seems like he's sick, or maybe he's rapidly aging. He barely got his ooh ooh oooooh's out.
  23. http://youtu.be/AzwKNTP_-HE There are interesting visuals for this interview.