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  1. Casaba

    Episode 302 — Milkshake Movies

    It delighted me so to hear Tiny say "That's a good song!" at the end of the closing up the plug bag theme. Also, I love Gail the Snail!!
  2. Casaba

    Summah Setbacks

    Have a problem that's bummin' out your Summah? Post it here and let the chartists help you out. We'll commiserate, we'll give advice, we'll put you back in the Summah spirit!
  3. Casaba

    Summah Setbacks

    ^ Wow! That is quite a setback, but I am so happy to hear that it is behind you. I think the best possible response to this setback was running in a beach race. Good job! Let the salty breeze power and energize you. Let Poseidon's powerful waves give you strength. I hope your A/C gets fixed soon!! Don't let the humidity get you down.
  4. Casaba

    Episode 190.5 — 7/25/14 TWO CHARTED 129

    Howard Kremer, a maverick solitary drifter.
  5. Casaba

    Sneak Peek from this week's Two Charted!

    The tattoo should be a nice crab swimsuit.
  6. Casaba

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Haha! Nice Mr. Show pull. Is Earwolf and the TNR the same thing? I think it would be possible for them to record the podcast in the TNR and still upload it to the internet. I bet they have internet providers in the TNR....wait, but is it the same internet?
  7. Casaba

    Episode 189.5 — 7/18/14 TWO CHARTED 128

    Also, Seanotron, you are the king of playlists. I thank you.
  8. Casaba

    Episode 189.5 — 7/18/14 TWO CHARTED 128

    This is such a great Twooch! Quite a giggle fest. I loved reading the Dreyfuss kids' thoughts on Jaws. And it's important to note that they agreed that it's a ridiculous movie but also a great movie. So although they dissected it, they generally agree with Howard. PS - Summah of Sam piped up with some great additions. Big Mac wings!!
  9. Casaba

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Great ep!! But man, I was really hoping to hear more about Danny Mahoney's battery dilemma.
  10. Casaba

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Agreed! Especially with Chip Gardner's melted face and Cactus Tony's snakeskin wheelchair. I love Scott C.
  11. Casaba

    Episode 189 — Wide Fondly Brush

    I just saw Horatio and Ku on Hotwives of Orlando. They were super funny and Ku looked amazing.
  12. Casaba

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Scott has said a few things like this that might not be very helpful for someone who is dealing with substance abuse issues. I feel for Harris. He's on a rough road and maybe needs a little more support.
  13. Casaba

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Scott was such a gigglepuss in this ep. I love it! Also, I love how serious and intense Harris can be about being chill.
  14. Casaba

    Episode 188 — Summah Donkey

    Wow, I mentioned that I loved the twooches and now I get an extra one! It's a summah miracle!
  15. Casaba

    Episode 187.5 — 7/4/14 TWO CHARTED 126

    First of all, this is genius. These two young Dreyfusses are hilarious. They might win "Jaws is Better" if they played. Second, is it crazy to say that I love the twooches more than the whooches recently? I could listen to Ku, Howard, and Stard chat for hours. I loved Stard's behind-the-scenes stories about making the album. It would be fun to make a Behind The Music style sensational doc with Howard and Stard.
  16. Casaba

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    It is so impressive how he can manipulate his voice. I'm surprised he hasn't done more voice acting. I know he's on word girl and a few one off episodes of Axe Cop, but he should really have is own animated show. I too didn't realize Tom Leykis, Merill Shindler, and Huell Howser were real people at first. It's even more amazing knowing that.
  17. Casaba

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    It makes me so sad that everyone has soured on James Adomian. I have had an opposite reaction, I've grown to love these characters. At first when he did his really gross characters like Dov Charney, Tom Leykis, Merrill Shindler, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, I hated them. There's something about his voice that makes his words even more disgusting and difficult to listen to. Andy Daly's characters are often even more disgusting and despicable than James Adomian's, but Andy has such a nice guy voice. But now James's characters have really grown on me because James is so good at pulling the other guests and Scott into his world. Like Amy Poehler being charmed by Tom Leykis. Or convincing fellow-Canadian Nathan Fielder to run stolen clothes to Niagra Falls. I loved his forced high fives with Nathan and then saying "But he didn't say no. There was implied consent."
  18. Casaba

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    I love this sneaky photo. PFT is an inspiration to everyone, one way or another.
  19. Casaba

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    Great ep! I love the sincerity of this episode. Harris, you are amazing! I hope you are doing well. Any photos of the gang at the Hollywood Bowl? It would be amazing to see PFT suited up. I loved Scott's puppy sweater at the Madison Square Garden concert.
  20. Casaba

    Episode 296 — Taking the Bladder Out

    I was so excited about this show, but it never happened. I hope it actually happens some day, even as just one or two episodes under Earwolf Presents.
  21. Casaba

    Episode 159 — Mouth Contacts

    It's sad reading back through all of this knowing now that Sarah and Kyle did break up in December 2013. Which may be why the observant Flyover States sensed this:
  22. Casaba

    Episode 185 — Letting Go of Macklemore

    Karen's interview on WTF was really amazing. She's been through a lot since Mr. Show. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episodes/episode_487_-_karen_kilgariff
  23. Casaba

    Episode 185.5 — 6/20/14 TWO CHARTED 124

    Yes! Ramhand representing with the feminist film theory! Laura Mulvey would be proud of you. I got my master's degree in film theory (a useless degree, I know) and I was so excited to hear Cody talking about the male gaze. I too saw the female gaze in Oranges: The New Black. They do a nice job on that show.
  24. Matt Gourley would be a great guest.
  25. Casaba

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    Great ep! Of course, I always love to Womp It Up! I hope Bernie Fretts makes it to Marisa's party at Six Flags. They were a weird but amazing combo. Bernie was no, butting everything. I want to be Brendon Small when I grow up. He is so fucking weird and funny and talented!