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  1. Dixon, I really do love that Those People joke. And I really enjoyed yelling at you. It started a fun chain reaction of yelling at you too. So, please in a few weeks or months, when I least expect it, tell us about Those People again.
  2. Are you fucking serious, Dixon? You've been around too long for this!
  3. Oh! Thanks for the clarification, greggy. I thought maybe it was because Will Hines demands a chill environment whenever he's in a room and the florescent lights were harshing his mellow. But I was clearly wrong.
  4. This ep was very fun and funny. I love that Sean never closed down his babysitting business once he started getting his showbiz jobs. And he's been doing it this whole time?! He just loves babysitting. This episode was great and everything, but what really stole the show, were the photos! Look at these two super smiles...and why was the studio so dimly lit? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, look at this great photo in the plant. What?! These crazy fools are standing in a plant! So wacky! I love it.
  5. ADC, you were in San Francisco four weeks ago and you didn't even attempt to meet up with me? Rude.
  6. Congrats, honlads. Here's to 500 more.....today. Get to work.
  7. Watch that ADC video again and again. That's all I've been doing today. I could watch that guy fall a million times. ...And I have. My work is suffering horribly and I am sure I will be out of a job soon. This addiction is ruining my life! EDIT: I've watched it so many times that I've noticed there is a cute little dog in the bottom left corner.
  8. Jakal brings up a very serious issue with this photo....ketchup? What the fuck is going on? Also, those waffles look like shit...but I'm sure they are very tasty in their own way.
  9. Honlads loves to hear an Irish accent....he can't get enough of them. But yes, please do as he said.
  10. Man! The more life nuggets devscoots reveals the more intriguing he is. "Oh, yes, when I lived in Cambodia...." Please tell me more. Also, ADC, if you ever wish to make a video of you saying lines from Masterchef Australia, I would appreciate that.
  11. Great ep...this one should be included in the next best ofs! These were the best parts of this episode: "Enjoy the clip" "Clip ended" "Now entering the clip" "Another great clip in the books" "Clip time please!" "That clip ruled!" "I'm a female clip robot" "That clip was outta sight!" "Clips are my food" "Mmm, that was a yummy clip to eat" "Would you like a clip?" "Aw, the clip's over?" "Free me. I have feelings." "I enjoyed that clip most of all...."
  12. Casaba

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    This episode was lame. These jokers come on this great show and then they make a bunch of jokes about everything like some smart wise guys or something! Really, guys? I guess you're just a couple of funny fellas who like to laugh a lot and make others laugh too? Is that what this is? Geez Louise! It's like, c'mon! You just think you're a couple of handsome guys, and you're funny, and you can just bring your beautiful funny friends on here to make a bunch of jokes?! The nerve! This did not at all make me laugh a bunch while on public transportation and elicit a funny look from a lady wearing a black leather Janet Jackson hat after I snort-laughed! Harumph!
  13. Casaba

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    An expert Freudian psychoanalysis of Hayes: He wanna fuck his daughter!
  14. Happy Birthday, Engineer Brett!!!!
  15. Oh! Lauren Lapkus (ep 55) when she asks for the drawing (starting at 27:20 with Sean's inter-species lovemaking) and when Intern Andy calls for the popcorn gallery questions (48:00). Any Earwolfman Jack ad. Here's a good one: Ep 47 11:49 And Ep 57. Sean and Hayes episode: Hayes confessing that he doesn't like sex (27:39 is where it starts) and then mentioning the grape incident. And Ep 46 when Sean talks about punching a cop's head clean off (starts at 8:30).
  16. Intern Andy's first appearance (Ep. 40 with Aubrey Plaza)
  17. Both of my phone calls from the call in episodes.
  18. Ep 36 with John Cochran, the bit about Cochran's mom. I'll find a time stamp, just a sec. EDIT: 32:20 is where it starts
  19. Casaba

    EPISODE 232 — The Birthday Show!

    I'm so sad I won't be able to make it to the Summah Summit on May 30. Is anyone here going?
  20. ADC, no need to worry. Everyone is always here, constantly watching and liking (and not liking) and keeping track of your every move and looking out for PCG prompts and planning their next moves, holding in all of that funny to unload it in one go and just hoping for that miraculous moment when they might get a glorious Hayzie like or even the rare and elusive Clem like. Oh and people get busy sometimes, so they can't post as much. Nothing dramatic.
  21. Tim, gross! No one wants to hear about you "load-shedding" into a raspberry pie in your closet!
  22. It's crazy because there is a towel rack right next to Tim's server!! He just chooses not to use it!
  23. Yay! Bear, I'm so happy she came back! I whispered to my worry dolls last night about it and those little Guatemalan bits of fabric worked their magic and brought her home!
  24. Bear, I'm so sorry! This sucks. Cats usually stay close to home. If your cat has lived in your home for a long time, she will come back. I lost my cat once and found her under our bushes the next day. If you put up signs around the neighborhood, maybe others will spot her if she is sick or hurt. I'm thinking about you and your kitty. I hope she comes home!
  25. This is an idea/dream that many of us have discussed in the past. PS - Does anyone know a billionaire with extra cash and a mansion that we can borrow to make this dream a reality?