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  1. Dammit, Sean! Hearing you talk about your cats is warming my ice cold heart! Can we start a cats podcast where we just talk about our cats?
  2. This may be the best ep so far. So many good lines! And Dom is such a cool guy now! Beatboxing and making Frankingsteins and wearing his hat backwards.....What?!
  3. What if tomorrow's guest is not Goldie Hawn, it's actually Kyle Bosman, but Sean didn't want to tell us because he wants Veebs to do horrible things to us....or great things to us....not sure at this point?
  4. Casaba

    EPISODE 225.5 — 3/27/15 TWO CHARTED 164

    Recently, I was at a serious work function and I was surprised when, from across the room, I heard the Bugle playing loudly. I thought one of my coworkers was playing music to loosen up the group and was excited to find out who the other CFKA in the group was. But then I realized my cell phone was over there and I had forgotten to turn my ringer off. I was so embarrassed and ran to get my phone. But afterward I was glad that I had exposed my coworkers to the glory of the Bugle.
  5. Let's speculate on how Dom might know Goldie Hawn.... 1. Kate Hudson was in a bad car accident and Dom was a witness. He bravely helped her from the car mere moments before it erupted in flames. She is forever grateful and now they are close friends. 2. As a boy, Dom was in one of Ms. Hawn's youth education programs through The Hawn Foundation. He probably would have dropped out after the 8th grade had it not been for this youth program and Dom is forever grateful. He wrote Ms. Hawn a letter a few years ago explaining how much she helped him. She wanted to meet him, so they had lunch and she instantly liked him. He's like one of the family now and has spent the last two Thanksgivings with Goldie and Kurt. 3. Hawn's 11 year old grandson is a huge fan of Mystery Team. He begged his mom to hire the Derrick Comedy guys for his last birthday party. They came and wowed the crowd. Ms. Hawn was there and asked Dom if he knew any good "podcasts" she could be on. She just heard about this crazy medium and wanted to get into it.
  6. Dear Goldie Hawn, I loved you in HouseSitter. Your transformation from scheming bar maid to girl nextdoor was a delight to watch....and you looked great in those sweaters! How did you get such great chemistry with Steve Martin? And, being a funny lady, were you trained in comedy or just had natural instincts for it?
  7. Just realized that it's Showshowbro's birthday today. Happy Birthday, SSB!
  8. Whoa fatty! That was good! Was that off the top of the dome or did you take a few minutes with your rhyming dictionary?
  9. Casaba

    EPISODE 225 — Sex Causes Pregnancy

    That Rocky tongue photo is too much! I am so excited that Summah is here. Seeing Howard in full Summah regalia (shoulder shirt, double gogs, coozy cuffs!) has gotten me so pumped. I can't wait for the Summah Summit. Anyone else gonna be there?
  10. Yes! I had 6 days of doing nothing and waiting to be called. I enjoyed many HH and RSS episodes in the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse.
  11. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    If you can't see the video in your country, it's Charlie's fault.
  12. By the way, I don't actually have any jean jackets. I was just playing a character who does have jean jackets....she is based on several people that I knew in 2010 (who wore jean jackets).
  13. Oh can I just cut the sleeves off of my jackets or is fringe not cool?
  14. Dang, I need to find myself a denim vest. I'm still wearing the denim jackets of 2010.
  15. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    But also thank me Joe, because I wrote the opening line of your monologue.
  16. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    One more addition: Sean should not be jealous because he will receive an equally wonderful gift for his bday.
  17. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    I should add that if Hayes were to send a response video showing himself crying because he is so loved, I think that would be an appropriate reaction.
  18. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Oh you know, Kimmy?! What a small world!
  19. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Sorry GoS, I don't have your contact info or know you IRL at all, so I had no way of telling you about it.
  20. David, Sophie is adorable. Why are we just now seeing her? More pics when you get the chance.
  21. Don't worry about it. Everyone has fallen for OD's PCG question. Like a rite of passage. And it's a nice exercise to practice and prepare for the real PCG. One day I hope OD gets lucky and chooses someone who is actually the guest the next week.
  22. MBoP you look just like him! Are you sure this is not a blurry picture of you at a costume party? PS - He also has good thick hair.