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    I was talking about all these OTHER so-called young forum girls, you're the youngest human I've ever seen.


    OK, I do agree that someone saying "young forum girls" is a little icky. But I doubt I'm the youngest human you've seen, since I'm older than you. And young isn't really a compliment.


    Regardless, I love you, Andrew. I've already framed our photo together. Ok, you've got sunshine status back.

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  2. Hi there. Most of you probably don't know me but I used to be all over the HH forum. I have gone astray and I understand that this gives you the right to just pass over this post, maybe even spitting on your screen. But I urge you to read on.


    A good friend of mine who I love dearly, Kevin, has a podcast called Good or Bad. He posted about it here last week. If you haven't listened to it yet, please go now and find your headphones so you don't bother your mom while she's making dinner for you and listen.




    Two of my other close friends, Joe McGurl and Bruce Robinson are on the first ep. They're very funny. And the logo was drawn by a talented young artist with great hair and a smile like sunshine.....me. Now you must create copies of this letter and send it to 5 friends. If you don't, an old crone will find you and curse your family. If you send out 5 or more copies, a magical puppy will deliver great riches to your home. So, please I beg of you, spread this chain letter for the good of your family.

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  3. Very fun episode of Hollywood Handbook this week.


    My favourite bit was Minka Kelly laughing at Sean at the restaurant. Had a good laugh at that.


    I'm widely known for my cutting and somwhat controversial impressions of figures from pop culture and I'm often asked to do impressions of the boarders you all know and love. I've resisted for a long time.............................



    ........... until today:




    These are definitely all my faves and not the ones I could think of in the spur of the moment.


    I DO HAVE HAIR!!! Spot on impression! Good job, buddy.

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