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  1. @anastasia


    Are those available for purchase somewhere ? Or are u trying to keep them super exclusive


    We just printed a few and gave them all out already. Sorry. Earwolf needs to step up its game and make some shirts already.


    PS - Other people made rad shirts too, like Brgrho and Velvet Revolver and Nico. http://samschillinghyphen.tumblr.com/post/106521173066/hollywood-handbook-t-shirt-design-i-made

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  2. I had a clench in my left shoulder, pectoral, and upper back that I was working on with the same crowbar tool that Howard uses. Finally I gave up and got a massage from a very strong lady. The next day I was bruised all over my chest and upper back, but once the bruises cleared the clench was gone. Keep going Howard. Show that clench who's boss!

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  3. Apologize for the n000b question but maybe u guys can help


    Is there anything I can do to make my forum better when on my iPhone ? Like an app or something perhaps? I can't upload pics of my dog or food or anything just using the mobile version of the site. Am I doing this all wrong ? Plz halp


    I too have wanted to upload a cute kitten photo on the go and realized there was no way to do so. :( Unfortunately, if you use the Earwolf app or safari, then it forces you to use the mobile version of the website, which does not allow you to upload photos or view likes. You can try downloading chrome for your phone. Earwolf just put out a new app called Howl that implies that someday you will be able to use to forums on there, but I think by then our forums will have received an overhaul as well. I am sure there is a discussion of this in the General Earwolf thread somewhere.

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  4. PS - I absolutely love the pet photos. Keep them coming forever....in future threads as well. I want constant updates on how all of your pets are doing. Pets! Pets! Pets!


    This is Zoe. She's old and adorable. Her nose is extra pink and her cheeks extra big. I often call her Mo Cheeks.



    This is Maude. She's round and proud. She's a sassy lady who likes to yell at me and sit nestled in my hair.


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  5. How was the live HH??


    Sorry for the delay. I was driving, but now I'm not driving.


    The live HH was wonderful! Our boys were in top form. Hayes was a singing and giggling machine. Sean acted his little butt off. Huskey was charming and smart and witty. The audience asked some good (actually dumb) questions. It was great! I don't want to spoil anything cuz I think you'll really enjoy the ep....but I will provide one small spoilie by showing this photo:




    Chefszki, we were probably sitting right behind you. We were in the first row of seats. Did you see us? I look like a sack of flour with long curly hair. I was with Andy, Agata, Marshall Mellow, and Asteck. Next time we all gotta wear roses in our lapels or something. I was really hoping to meet some new forumers last night.

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  6. It's probably one to miss tbh.


    Guys, I'm psychic. I don't think I've told you this before. And I have seen a vision of what tomorrow's episode will be like. The opening segment is going to be just Sean and Hayes and they're just going to be doing their normal thing with maybe....uh...Engineer Sam, definitely Sam, working the levels. No one else will be there. Just those three bros (Sean, Hayes, and Sam) being fun and telling jokes. No one else. And they're probably going to talk about Jurassic World and how they had bit parts in it as velociraptors and how they actually fell in love with Chris Pratt after shooting because he's so handsome. Hayes will not laugh or make any giggle noises at all. And Sean will be wearing a heavy sweater and a cowboy hat and Hayes will be wearing a tank top and flip flops, not his normal light blue shirt and tan boots. And Sean will have huge Victorian mutton chop sideburns. I saw it in the fire, y'all. This shit must be true.

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  7. It kills me to write this, but I was too dismissive of the unsolicited advice from random "dog experts" on the street all these years. I thought Dennis was different, but ALL chows will eventually turn on their owners and betray them. Dennis did show up at my house again, but it was just to threaten and berate me and Ross, and hold me hostage while Ross went out to buy him cigarettes. It's a sad, sad day.




    He appears to have been wounded on his leg, but when i asked him how it happened he said he bruised his paw jacking up the last narc who asked him too many questions. Chows are notoriously contrary, so I can't figure out if that's really what happened, but I'm afraid to press for more details. I hope Ross comes back soon, but I'm not sure how he's supposed to obtain cigarettes. He's not old enough to buy them. Pray for us!


    I'm glad this little guy is on our side now. Cuz he's good at two things: slaying snitches and laying bitches. Woof woof!

    - Dr. Blades Krunkoff


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  8. I've been getting dirty looks here in South LA, where everyone knows me to be a huge handbook head, all week! I didn't know what was up because I was late to listen to this episode (I was re-listening to serial and I know who did it), but now I get it! Listen everybody it wasn't me who sent that Eh, Wrong! Text to the government! I think Hayes and Sean are smart, funny and nice, and satire? They're doing it right! I look to them as my brothers in arms at the forefront of feminism and I would never send condaleesa that nasty text! However, it did flood my basement to hear Sean say "points, Ellie!" And I would love to make that my ring tone!


    Love from Ellie "eh, right!" Anglin.


    No worries, Ellie. We know who sent it:



    But I'm glad that you got the rush of hearing your name on the HH. Many fight and die for that honor. Cheers to you!


    PS - welcome!

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