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  1. I was one of Kulap's biggest fans back when this started, but I must admit that the guest host shows lately have me wishing Howard worked with a revolving door of female guest hosts. Kulap pushes the show along far too quickly nowadays to the point of it seeming hurried all the time. These guest host eps call back old eps of Whooch when Howard was able to just talk with the guests, without being hurried through the charts. For a few months now I've been commenting on how short and canned the shows seem, but now over the past month I've been absolutely loving Whooch and Twooch again. It just seems like Ku's head isn't in it anymore. Here's to more hilarious and "deeper" Whooch eps in the future.


    If they move along quickly, I'd bet that has more to do with time management at Earwolf than with Kulap's committment. She opens up so much on Whooch and Twooch, shares with chartists, and really gives a lot of herself on this program. I'm sure they created Twooch because they didn't have enough time on Whooch to just gab and go off on tagents.


    Also I've been relistening to old episodes and in the early days of Whooch, Howard was the one who moved the show along, sometimes cutting Kulap and the guest off mid-sentence. Ye old days of Howard Kremer, task master. See episodes 3-6 for some examples.

  2. It already feels like Summah up here in the Bay Area. Here are a few of my favorite Summah lunches (vegetarian for Howard):

    Avocado toast (toast, avocado, salt, pepper, paprika)

    Falafel sandwich

    Mixed greens with chickpeas, avocado, and tomato

    Pasta salad with zucchini, yellow squash, and parmesan cheese


    What are your favorite Summah foods?

  3. Ā 

    By all accounts, that WAS what he was trying to do. Or at least, satirize it.


    Yeah, I read that, but it didn't seem to work as a satire. It just seems like a bad 80's teen movie. I couldn't see where he was critiquing the genre. He seemed to just play into what he thought a teen movie was sort of like.

  4. On paper, this movie sounds like it might be interesting: directed by Robert Altman, includes delightful actors such as Jane Curtin, Jon Cryer, Cynthia Nixon, and Paul Dooley, and even has cameos by Bob Uecker, Melvin van Peebles, Martin Mull, and Dennis Hopper.


    However, this mess of a movie feels like a horrible failed attempt by Altman to deconstruct the 80's teen sex romp. With absolutely no story line, and odd hijinks for a teen comedy (like doing whatever it takes to see a King Sunny Ade concert. What!? What an obscure African musician for two suburban Arizona teens to party with!), this movie amounts to no more than a series of bizarre disjointed vignettes. There are some moments that feel like an 80's teen comedy...like Altman and the writers saw something similar in another movie once...but it's clear that they had no business working within this genre and really didn't know teens. There is no honesty, heart, or humor in this film.


    I would love to hear a few baffled "bonker's" and "litterally's" uttered in response to this film. It really is a nightmare that should never have made it to theatres.