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    man, i took that the total opposite way, blackie can faintly hear him then not hear him anymore, that sure sounds like sark is implying he's dead. like blackie was able to hear a faint echo cause of their telepathic link but that he's gone upstate to a farm for old stargoyles



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  2. I'm really enjoying playing Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS) right now. It's a d20 system that plays a lot like a blend of DnD 2.0 and 3.5 but the end goal is to build and train armies and establish your own empire. Lots of dungeon crawling that requires an eye for strategy.

  3. Brian might be good at role playing Damien but his complete lack of understanding of the basic rules for magic users and his inability to learn them after being told numerous times is not entertaining, which IS the main point of this show.


    Posehn is both the worst player and least entertaining member of the cast.


    And his appearance on Community sucked.


    Every party needs a pooper

    That's why they invited you

    Party Pooper

    Party Pooper

  4. I think the question is will Gerry create a character that is designed to piss off Damien? Not another paladin, but someone that's sickeningly sweet. I kinda dig the Bill E. Joel bard option, personally.

    Also, thank you, Gerry, for waiting almost an entire year before dying again.

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    Wow! The talent here and in the other posts is extraordinary! I hope Earwolf jumps on the chance to put this into a comic book with all the artists here. Think about it! Cut down some stuff and you'll have something completely new: A comic book based on improv from a D&D podcast owned by Earwolf. Episodes are not based on writers, just on a DM and the Players decision.


    Comedy Bang Bang made it into a great TV show.... this is so much easier!


    I am in full agreement with you. I would pay good money to see this campaign in comic or graphic novel form.

    You hear that, Earwolf? Please take my monies.

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  6. I don't know if it has been said, but can't we cut the group a major amount of slack due to the fact that this is a learning experience for them? I know they've played long campaigns in the past, but they haven't had to dice it up for public consumption or have to jump through a bunch of hurdles to fit the game into their schedules on top of everything else. They are doing marathon sessions with weird breaks in between. Stuff will fall between the cracks.

    Lord willing, there's going to be another campaign after this. By that point, I'm sure they'll have the foresight to keep things running tighter and smoother. Maybe they'll designate an official record/character sheet/dice castle keeper for such things. Maybe I'm being optimistic (and it's hard to be after flipping all the tables after this episode), but I am a firm believer that this podcast has room to grow.