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  1. Seven minutes in - Best episode(s) yet.
  2. wolfmason

    Episode 28 — The Hooray Show

    And to my dismay, "Chad Krueger" is not the guy from Nickelback. Aaron Neville vs. Chad Kroeger was not meant to be. UGH! I WANT THAT PODCAST!
  3. Sooooo...is it off limits to mention that the flop house did this one like a month back? Come on guys, there are more than enough bad movies to go around.
  4. FYI: A lot of high-end stereos from the 60's/70's actually had reverb knobs, so weirdos like Todd could spice up their Herman's Hermits records without the use of a PA.
  5. Reflexively, I almost full-on It's been a while'd my boss in a status meeting yesterday, but managed to pull back after It's be... So yeah, thanks for that CBB.
  6. wolfmason

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    So...what's with the pentagram? Earnest Rides Again...Oh boy. Me and my friends were huge Earnest fans around age 10, and we were among the dozens of people to see that movie when it came out. I vividly remember it, as it was the first time I had the thought "that was a bad, bad movie".
  7. Agreed, and I really, really dislike U2. I was cautiously optimistic that this podcast would warm me to them, as U Phishing Phish to me? did, but it kinda went the other way. Still, this podcast is to podcasting what CBB (not the podcast) is to talk shows.
  8. Oh boy, that movie...in a cast of totally unrelatable characters, it really "Elevates" him to a new level. If I'm not mistaken, we learn that his writing/jam sessions involve an on-site guitar-tech/engineer to tweak knobs and help him find tones. Real "back to basics" stuff, there.
  9. Ahhhh, I've been pumped for this ever since it was hinted at in You Talkin' U2 to Me? 2: You Two Talkin' U2 to Me, Too?, and it's finally here! You Talkin' U2 to Me? 3: You Three Talkin' U2 to Me!