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  1. I can forgive some of it. It was the late show, people had been drinking, and the theater was sweltering. But yeah, editing is an art. I did genuinely love that Tall and Jason only referred to Brent Spiner as Data throughout the entire thing. I'm sure June had no idea what they were talking about.
  2. This was the first movie that I've watched for this show that I legitimately found painful to sit through. I was at the theater that night. I'm relieved that they cut some of the more obnoxious stuff from the audience out.
  3. I always love an episode where June is more clued in to the plot than Paul is.
  4. The producers apparently decided to cash in, so it's not on Prime now, it's either $1.99 for the HD rental or $.99 for SD.
  5. starri

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    The wipe transitions also kind of seem like something that weren't included in the novelization either.
  6. starri

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    It kind of bums me out that a name as awesome as "Stella Star" was wasted on this crap-ass movie. I have to admit, I kind of found the redneck robot amusing. And perhaps the most insane piece of trivia, despite their protests that they'd put the script together prior to Star Wars, the producers asked the director to make it in the style of Star Wars. The director had never seen Star Wars, so he decided just to read the novelization.
  7. Yeah, I quit about halfway through, haven't tried to pick it up again, and have no plans to do so in the future. A lot of the episodes where there's some kind of strong disagreement, or an element that's confusing, are delights to listen to. I just got tired listening to this.
  8. Fred is a Beetlejuice-like character going around causing mayhem in Phoebe's life. Because otherwise, she's mentally ill, and we as an audience are supposed to be sad when the manifestation of that illness goes away.
  9. I'm #TeamSanity and also a psychiatrist.
  10. Hackers. I realize it's not a good movie, and gets almost every detail about computers wrong, and makes it seems like hackers are hanging out in cool clubs. But it has actors that are surprisingly committed to their parts, starred guys that I was into as a teen newly hatched from the gay egg, and had Matthew Lillard as a somewhat gender- and sexually ambiguous character when that was pretty uncommon for mainstream movies. And it has a great soundtrack. In a similar vein, one they haven't covered is Empire Records. Hack the planet! HACK THE PLANET!
  11. This episode is EXHAUSTING to listen to. I've had to follow June's philosophy of breaking it into 10-minute chunks. I'm only halfway through, and I'm not sure I'm going to finish it. I usually listen to lighter-themed podcasts at the gym (unless I want to rage lift and get my dander up), but I was getting so frustrated, I had to stop. I know a lot of their reactions are exaggerated for comedic effect, but everyone taking it so very seriously just drained all of the fun out of the exercise.
  12. starri

    Boston shows

    Jason: "This. Movie. Is. Awesome!"
  13. starri

    What to expect at live shows?

    You'll likely be hoarse from chanting "ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS!" and "JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!"
  14. starri

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    I'm playing catch-up because I got really behind on my podcast consumption, but I had two takeaways here: 1) When they kept calling the surgeon "The woman from Sherlock," you have no idea how disappointed I was when I discovered it wasn't Mrs. Hudson. I don't tend to watch them beforehand, have occasionally seen them in the past (Hackers, a movie I actually really enjoy, and a few others), and on very rare occasions, end up seeking them out. So you know, in my mind, it was Mrs. Hudson the badass evil surgeon. 2) Claudia and Jason have a very similar sense of humor. "I was edging the entire time" sounds even funnier in an Australian accent.
  15. starri

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Do you suppose that in King's coke-addled mind, he mixed up the Navajo tradition of the skinwalkers? I mean, I figured he'd hit Peak Cocaine a few years prior, but maybe not.