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  1. I actually don't think this is a terrible movie, but it's mildly crazy and I'd love to hear HDTGM's take on it. Mimi Rogers as a swinger who finds God. A young, mulleted David Duchovny. And four horsemen!
  2. MDS 1138

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    My Kazaam rap name obviously would be Jinnuwine.
  3. MDS 1138

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    For the record, I totally remember "Dream On."
  4. MDS 1138

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    You know what's great? The audience's rendition of the "second opinions" theme is somehow less discordant than that one they often use on the show.
  5. MDS 1138

    Why did they change the theme song?

    I like the theme, it's fun. The "REEEEEEMIX" part is pretty corny though. Just go right into the main body of the song, you don't even need to reference the old theme.
  6. MDS 1138

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Not to disparage June too much, but does anyone else think that last conversation took on some real Karl Pilkington undertones? Maybe just because it's about monkeys... but I could almost hear some of the points being made in his voice.
  7. MDS 1138

    The Sweetest Thing (2002)

    "But I love that movie," said every girl I've ever met in my life.
  8. MDS 1138

    Swept Away

    HOLY SHIT. Caught five minutes of Swept Away on tv last week, and knew that it was tailor made for HDTGM. If the podcast didn't exist, this movie would have made it necessary to create it.
  9. MDS 1138

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    (first post) Yes! I was a little bummed that nobody got it, esp Pete Holmes who espoused the punk rock podcast element.