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  1. slinky

    Episode 113 - Putney Swope (w/ Seth Stevenson)

    While not everything works in PS, it's the type of movie that gets me excited for films and the grimy 60s NYC that bred so much creativity. Had to vote yes. Chafed Elbows is another great one included in the RDS Eclipse box set.
  2. slinky

    Episode 112 - Footlight Parade (w/ Bryan Cogman)

    It's tricky because I would say that the 30s musicals are important enough in the history of film that they should be represented in The Canon but I really have no comparison to recommend that FP is the one. I don't think that a comparison to Singing in the Rain is fair but I can't help but see what musicals would become and be pushed towards saying no to FP getting in. I loved the pre-code "racier" stuff in there though. Being more familiar with "old movies" made while the Code was enforced has led me to often forget that there were over 30 years of movies being made that would potentially look very different without the Code.
  3. slinky

    Homework - Footlight Parade (1933)

    So we mainly watched this to see 'Human Waterfall', right?
  4. I hope that the Australian doesn't listen to this episode.
  5. slinky

    Big Grande's The Teacher's Lounge

    I knew that I recognized that off-mic laughter.
  6. slinky

    Homework: Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

    Holden knows what he's talking about up there. Grave of the Fireflies is unreal.
  7. slinky

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    Was this mentioned earlier? For some reason that I can't remember, I shot EW to the top of my watch list and watched it this week, trying to remember what the reason was.
  8. slinky

    Episode 79: THE USUAL SUSPECTS

    Even though I haven't watched it in about 10 years, it's easily the film I've watched the most. I watched every DVD bonus feature and loved every minute of it (the only pop culture reference in the movie is "the reporter from the Incredible Hulk", probably one of the reasons that it doesn't feel that dated). I'll definitely have to revisit but it had enough impact on me that I really can't see how I could say no. Also I have to say that Empire of the Sun is not Canon worthy, don't waste an episode on it.
  9. slinky

    Episode 69 - The Christs

    I actually love that Passion was in languages closer to what was probably spoken at the time but Last Temptation is a better movie in almost every way.
  10. Great Moxy Fruvious reference!
  11. I think that the girl on the phone sounded really cute and smart. I hope that she doesn't have to work in the dangerous parts of that city any more.
  12. slinky

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    Penthouse is a great handbook.
  13. I wanted to sign up for Lootcrate but fell asleep before I could hear the offer code.
  14. slinky

    Zardoz directors commentary

    Next level bonkers. Thanks for sharing that commentary.