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  1. JimWest

    Episode 80 — D&Darping

    Well, this episode clinched it for me... Im done, I cant listen any more.... terrible, simply terrible.
  2. JimWest

    Episode 79 — The Roc

    The bat video Brian mentioned. pretty horrifying if you dont like bats..
  3. JimWest

    Episode 76 — On the Run

    "You know whats good? pick the guy whos most easily distracted and have him be the DM" - Brian Posehn. that should sum up this quest...
  4. JimWest

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    I think Blaine will be a perfect DM as long as he can stay on task. he has the tendency to get a little off track..... I, for one, am anticipating how this goes.
  5. JimWest

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    da nananananananaaa
  6. JimWest

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Criss Cross Evil Baby Sauce He may have been a shitty DM, but he was OUR shitty DM
  7. JimWest

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    Rodent Jonestown Massacre.
  8. JimWest

    Episode 47 — The Big Chamber

    is sarah prego? or is this just a bad picture?
  9. JimWest

    Character Drawings

    I was hoping for this. *high five*
  10. JimWest

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    Bill Cosbane >_<
  11. JimWest

    Character Drawings

    isnt Blackie a 20 charisma now?
  12. JimWest

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    only if you have cheese on there. then you have the excuse... otherwise its just wierd
  13. JimWest

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    is it me, or is the music louder than the other episodes ?