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  1. Kelley

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Apologies for replying to such an old thread, but I'm very desperate right now. I am an Old that uses her iPod daily and discovered at work today that I don't have #351. I listened to Sean and Hayes other ep, where they rip Stitcher constantly, and am now thinking "right on" because it sucks and somehow I still can't search anything there. I'm willing to pay to download this ONE episode but have no idea where to go. Help?!
  2. Kelley

    Episode 563 - Where You Come From with CHVRCHES

    I just logged in for the first time in years, as iTunes downloaded the new ep featuring Chvrches, and my heart felt happy. Lauren Mayberry is a younger-than-I idol and stuff so I am currently feeling kind-of-OK. Happy Labor Day?
  3. Pretty embarrassed I didn't catch that, but I haven't watched Mr. Show in ages so... that's my excuse, I guess. Thanks to everyone for not making fun of my mistake. HIGH FIVE!
  4. Hello good sir! I'm a Walking Dead nerd, so I assume you're talking as Morgan. (If not, don't correct me unless you want a stick through the throat.) Welcome! And never put yourself down! Seriously. I'm a member of these here boards, and I'm the lamest of all the lames that ever lamed, so you're all good, man. HIGH FIVE!
  5. Despite being a gigantic fan of Arphan Black since it began, I only realized shortly after listening to this that Tatiana is less than one year older than I. Can't help but think "Where did it all go wrong, girl?" (I'm weirdly obsessed with ages and the older I get, the stronger that obsession becomes. Also just finally quit my crap job, so, you know, unemployed and deeply-er depressed, despite no longer working for a dumbass dickbag. [It's Always Sunny fans? Anyone? My phone now automatically adds "dickbag" anytime I type "dumbass." True story.]) The end.* * ©Coco Marx ETA: My dad's name is Steve and our last name is H. The email that "SteveH" liked my post freaked me the eff out. DAD, ARE YOU ACTUALLY COMPUTER LITERATE AND STALKING ME ONLINE?
  6. OMG OB ON CBB WITH PFT AND LL!!! Donnie and Alison are one of my favorite TV couples ever and I can't wait for next season or to listen to this!! Yeah!
  7. Ohhhhhhh. OK. Well that sucks. I very rarely go on Twitter so I missed that -- thanks, Dan!
  8. ...I actually did too, but when Haim was added I freaked out. The show was great, and Taylor was perfect in every way as usual, but some of the "VIP" crowd sucked. Lots of super rich, snobby, Real Housewives types there with their teens, all dressed in designer duds, tall heels, and perfect hair and makeup. Then there's me in my Chvrches crop top, highwasited black jeans, and dirty Keds wearing no makeup aside from lipstick. Felt so out of place. COOL STORY BRO. (This is the last I will ever speak of the show, promise.) Uh, anyway... in Earwolf-related news: Scott's been promoting the newly released CBB season three DVD lately. Has anyone actually found it? I've checked Amazon a few times and s3 only shows up for Instant Video.
  9. Taking a break from my hiatus of being too busy with work to post boring comments on Earwolf to finally say "HELL YEAH BROS!". I [finally] am able to listen to this as I do my nails and some badass copy editing/drinking this fine Saturday night. Missed these bros and their juicy butts and great eps. I cheered in bed the morning it was released... then proceeded to wait x number of days to listen. Anyone who wants to ever poke fun at the Scott's taste in music should know: I'm seeing Haim/Taylor Swift tomorrow (today). Like, VIP, buco dolores for the Tay Tay, because Haim was added super late to the lineup. But don't judge me, because I'm also purchasing the Hey Nong Man, All Joking a Salad, and Traci Reardon* shirts -- only to wear to bed because I'm a female human and tees like this don't typically work for work! -- and am also incredibly broke. So, like, not to brag, but I'm even more broke now, yet totally evening out my cool level. Oh, forum. How you must have missed my dumbass ramblings. ETA: OMG TALKIN' 'BOUT TURTLE. I've missed the Entourage recaps and Blue Turtlin'/Talkin' 'Bout Turtl eps. * ...this is sold out in all sizes. Is there a weeping emoticon?
  10. I'm a ginormous Stars/Amy Millan-as-a-solo-artist fan, so seeing any Amy disses here gets to me because I'm a loser. Torq's a huge nerd live (GIANT. I can't even put it into words for those unfamiliar with the band), but I love him, too, and am grateful he didn't go into a political rant*. That said, I felt they both meshed pretty damn well with CBB. For fuck's sake, if I were unfamiliar with this podcast -- which I assume they, and most musical guests, are -- I can't imagine doing a better job. In sum: Lay off or I'll track you down and gently punch you because I'm very weak. *Unless he did and my auditory system automatically shut down.
  11. OH MAH GOD. Amy Millan has been my ~hero~ since I was 17 or 18 and I've seen every Chicago show of theirs since then. So psyched to listen to this baby.
  12. If they did I'm celebrating 'cause I got two motherfuckin' likes from you, bro. But mostly, I had to pause CBB as the Phone/Foam Corner theme started and ugh. I have so much goddamn work to do and I can't hell-diddly-ding-dong crap do it! Damn these emotions. Damn them straight to hell.
  13. Ehh, sorting paperwork and decided to listen as I'm alone in my bedroom and not in public. Crying like a baby. Want to hug Scott. Oh boy oh boy. ETA: I mean FUCK, I'm crying so hard I can't breathe. Nose is totally and sexily stuffed up.
  14. Oh Harris. I never personally knew you yet miss you terribly. Haven't been able to bring myself to listen to this yet. I'm a big crier* so this will be insanely difficult. Thanks again for all the laughs, lil dude. Way behind on season seven of Parks and Rec but have been re-watching the earlier seasons and have a feeling you're responsible for most of the lines that make me burst out laughing. Never in my life have I been so effected by a celebrity/"celebrity" death. Sarah Silverman's Tweets in particular killed me. asdfghjkl; Apologies for my nonsensical ramble. I'm so heartbroken over this. By the way, Twittels, you were right -- all girls had, at minimum, a 20% crush on you. I know I did. Damn straight, motherfuckers wanna laugh. Thanks for releasing this, even if I can't bring myself to listen yet. *Not, like, a town crier, which would be rad because of Homer, but an emotional weirdo, which I most definitely am.
  15. Kelley

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Repeating myself, but I can't stress it enough: this is exactly why I fucking HATE RIP jokes -- especially considering it was made public that he struggled with drugs. There will never be another Farts and Procreation or Analyze Phish or Foam Corner. There will never be another Harris Wittels. Such a talented man lost far too soon. Don't do drugs, kids.