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  1. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 64 - Eliza Skinner: Post-Apodcastlypse

    Lost my shit at "column of bees" Best episode of this so far for me.
  2. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    James Adomian is a national treasure. I'll listen to/watch anything he, Paul F. Thompkins, and Andy Daly do. Just truly gifted comedians. Was interesting to hear Gilbert. Made me think back to watching him on USA Up All Night. Then I thought about Rhonda Shear on USA Up All Night. Then I Googled Rhonda Shear. Then I found out she was in Playboy. 14-year-old me would be very happy.
  3. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 222.5 - Ask the UCB: Playing Gay Improv Characters

    I love these "how the sausage is made" episode of Improv4Humans. As someone with an interest in but no formal training or experience with improv, hearing how folks interact and choose characters is really fascinating to me.
  4. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 16 - Jamie Denbo - Spotlight On: Mrs. Patti Raper

    I could use a Womp It Up! t-shirt in my waking world.
  5. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Stay Tuned (1992)

    I was going to recommend this movie! John Ritter as Prince! John. Ritter. As. Prince. http://brianorndorf.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ee7b64288330167693633e3970b-800wi
  6. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 003 — Get Fit Now with Bill Carter

    I'll marathon the entire run of this once a year. Its become a tradition for me.
  7. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsSNh23SwPw During a video game marathon that was being live streamed for charity, an audience member decides to share a story about cancer, knitting, and her dead grandmother. Incredible awkwardness ensues. Can start at 00:15 mark to begin story and she stops at 1:20. Response from audience after is great.
  8. Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    Michael Winslow is alive and well both in the waking world and in our hearts and minds.