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  1. I am probably not the right person to answer your question but I have a few friends who consider themselves progressive Christians and from what I gather, yes, in some contemporary Christian circles U2 is considered a Christian band. I concede that Bono's faith does seem to inform a lot of his lyrics, but I don't believe, as my friends do, that every U2 song is an overtly religious/Christian interpretation of God's word. Some of my friends were at last night's show and later posted on Facebook that it was like a religious service for them. So, whether or not you choose to interpret their songs through that lens, it's definitely very much a thing in a certain subset of U2 fandom.
  2. kapfries

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    My favorite part is when he's stating his daughters' ages: "Thirty . . . two. Thirty, two, and thirty-five." I use that one in conversation all the time.
  3. kapfries

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    Incredibly shocking and sad. I'd only been listening to CBB for a week or two when the first Farts and Procreation dropped and only afterward did I realize I was already a fan of his from his humblebrag column on Grantland. I always looked forward to his podcast appearances and sometimes laughed to the point of tears even when my brain told me he'd just said the dumbest thing. My heart aches for those who knew him.
  4. kapfries

    EPISODE 335 — The Wedding of Gilli and Garry

    I'm only about 2/3 in but I'm smiling so hard right now. This is magical.
  5. Ack, sorry! See, I understood the actual dangling the cord just out of reach but I couldn't for the life of me figure out which cord it was. (I think I thought it was the power cord or something? Or the entire ipod? It became very obvious after seeing it in person.)
  6. Scott had his iPhone plugged into the audio jack and I guess there was only one cord (or only one outlet). So, they had to pass the cord back and forth during the top ten bit because they each had their own playlists on their own phones. (I didn't fully understand how it worked until I saw it in person.)
  7. It may have vaulted into my U2 Top Ten simply because of that association. (I mean, it's a pretty great song and was probably going to end up in there anyway, but that cemented it.)
  8. Ha! Can you imagine how loud it would have been if it actually was U2? I was there too (front row) and it was pretty excellent. I called them running on stage a la Bono to that song but I was not expecting them to run through the audience. The music was actually playing for quite a while before they even entered so all of that noise you hear for the first minute or so is just anticipatory cheering.
  9. I know some people received their t-shirt pre-orders a week ago. Is anybody still waiting on theirs? I know they shipped from the East Coast and I'm on the West so I figured mine would take a little longer to get here, but I just checked my mail and still no shirt. Any other West Coasters in the same boat? Just checking before I inquire as to whether mine got overlooked (I have an email confirmation of my order and my credit card was charged) or lost in transit.
  10. All right, so I took a closer look at my shipping label and mine was packed and the label created on 9/12 but the tracking number doesn't show activity until 9/25. My envelope also looked as though it had been through a war zone (though the shirt inside was perfect). I wonder if part of the shipment was lost or misplaced, either before it shipped out or while in transit (but before it was scanned).
  11. Aaaaand, success, finally! Did you get yours today? I just got mine.
  12. Not yet. Did you get a shipping confirmation or just an order confirmation? (I only received the latter.) I'm beginning to think it was shipped via actual snail. At any rate, glad (not really) I'm not the only one in this boat because now it seems less likely my order was lost.
  13. I might be persuaded to trade my firstborn for more episodes of this podcast. Sadly, my firstborn is neither a college girl nor in possession of the t-shirts so I'm not sure how many episodes he'd be worth. Really, this is the most ridiculous and absurd podcast and I've loved every minute of it. I'm so sad it's over.
  14. I finally listened to the last half hour. This has got to be the most critical analysis anybody has ever devoted to Staind, right?
  15. I was listening to this part in the car to kill time while one of my kids is at swimming and my 10-year old wanted to know why I was laughing so I played the whole bit for him. By the end we were both crying with laughter. One of my favorite parenting moments ever.
  16. This podcast manages to get dumber with each passing week yet somehow, my love for it continues to grow.
  17. As a fan of both U2 and the Scotts, I enjoyed this episode a lot. Achtung Baby was my gateway U2 album and still my favorite, but ATYCLB is a close second. The Scotts are very correct in their assessment that the first six songs on the album are great and then it kind of falls apart. Also, if "Wild Honey" had been on a Beatles album it would have been the song they gave Ringo. That is what that song is. I saw them in Chicago on the second leg of the US tour after friends raved about the first set of shows and I have always been fascinated my the differences between the pre- and post-9/11 shows so I'm glad they touched on that. When we saw them in Chicago, Garbage was the opening act and to this day, whenever somebody brings up that concert my husband without fail says, "And Garbage was their opener and they were GARBAGE. Nobody goes to a U2 concert to see the opening act."
  18. I have a pretty active internal monologue anyway, so I guess I'm just used to hearing voices in my head when I run. But certain podcasts are easier to run to than others. If the conversation is flowing and making me laugh, it's all good.
  19. I have a son in fifth grade who has what I consider atypical music taste for a kid his age (Stevie Wonder and REM are favorites) and he legitimately *loves* U2 but emphatically hates Achtung Baby. This causes me a lot of pain because it's one of my favorite albums of all time, but he gets upset when I try to play it in the car. He would much rather listen to Joshua Tree or ATYCLB. I do think Achtung Baby is more of its time and less accessible than their other periods but it does hold up. I also think it's one of those albums best appreciated when played beginning to end.
  20. I was listening to it while running and I was laughing so hard I had to stop and catch my breath. I also forgot I was listening to a U2 podcast.
  21. The best part of this episode was Adam defending Bono and the Edge's sartorial choices in Rattle and Hum.