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  1. KevinRobbins

    EPISODE 126 — Dick Spiders

    Anyone else catch the Rush reference?
  2. KevinRobbins

    Met Jerry at Cincinnati Comic-Con

    FUCK *Gerry
  3. KevinRobbins

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    I've been watching Sark since like 2010 and when he mentioned he was on a podcast I looked that shit up as soon as possible.
  4. KevinRobbins

    Met Jerry at Cincinnati Comic-Con

  5. KevinRobbins

    Congrats to Mr. Sark

    http://instagram.com/p/pPw4AinAP6/ Atlas is an epic name.
  6. KevinRobbins

    Mr Sark's YouTube Gameland Jamboree

    His machinima respawn days were awesome too.