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  1. MikeLink

    EPISODE 385 — The Beatles of Cults

    When John Mulaney was talking about Bill Clinton not inhaling but liking the edibles, I can't believe Scott didn't seize the moment with an "Eatin' ain't cheatin'."
  2. What a pleasant, delightful guest. Will check out his show!
  3. I really enjoyed his piano rendition of the CBB theme, awesome to hear him rock out.
  4. MikeLink

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    Sounds of the Game: OOF!
  5. MikeLink

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    A lot of people standing up and shaking their fists lately.
  6. MikeLink

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    When they asked Willie if he was nominated for any awards I was sure he had one for a Goilden Gloibe or a Toiny.
  7. This is everything.
  8. MikeLink

    EPISODE 364 — The Marm of Smarm Returns

    Scott: I'll take you as you come! (nose laugh to himself)
  9. Anybody else hear Sam Eagle every once in a while?
  10. MikeLink

    Episode BO2014.2 — Best of 2014 Pt 2

    If you want to hear them in succession... Rev. Parsimony's is still my favorite.
  11. MikeLink

    Episode BO2014.2 — Best of 2014 Pt 2

    The amount of wheezy PFT laughter at the beginning of the episode is really making my day.
  12. MikeLink

    Episode 320 — Charging Kids

    "...keep your ear to the ground about the thing we're working on because that's gonna be big. When I say big, I mean fat." In the latest Wolf Den they mention that there are some new podcasts in development for Earwolf. Can a guy dream that a Tiny and Victor Fat Cheeseburger Podcast is the "big" thing?
  13. I have a sit-to-stand desk at work and usually listen to podcasts while I'm using the stand function. Now everyone in the office knows when I'm listening to UTU2TM, because I can't stop cracking up.
  14. Really happy to hear they're doing more episodes. I hope they get PFT on again to ask him where he was the first time he heard the new album.
  15. Surprise U2 album, surprise U2 podcast. YES.