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    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    Those Zombies songs that were being played in between the sets are better than any song by Phish or U2.
  2. EdwardEdward

    Episode 14 — Staind Glass

    Hey Todd, Staind are the fucking worst.
  3. EdwardEdward

    Welcome to the Summah Section

    I can't wait until I can have a Summah. Nothing puts me in a better mood than being able to go outside in just a t-shirt and shorts.
  4. EdwardEdward

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    The bike lane talk was more about getting into accidents because of the traffic congestion, I think.
  5. EdwardEdward

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    I can't agree with them more about pop-country being music for people who don't like music.
  6. EdwardEdward

    Episode 6 — Achtung Baby

    Man I couldn't agree less with them condemning Brian Eno not liking One. It's so god damn cheesy.
  7. EdwardEdward

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    I gotta say, as funny as the scenes were, I laughed the hardest at Horatio's Mexican accent. It makes me laugh so god damn hard every time he does it.