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    NEW Nerd Poker Dice Bags!

    Man these are way bigger than I imagined, I fit 3 full sets and probably have room for 2 or 3 more.
  2. YoThatLimp

    Character Drawings

    Hey, is anyone interested in making me some Glinishmore based art or a sweet head on view of Sir Richard's laser beam hand? PM me for some details, looking to create something for the group! Super rough still ( I am not a graphic designer or artist obviously...). I'll be brewing some Chocolate Milk Stout and want to commemorate the end of the first campaign with a delicious beer!
  3. YoThatLimp

    Your characters!

    I am currently in my first 'campaign' it's really kind of been a string of short adventures. Level 2 Elf Cleric named Abe Linkon.
  4. YoThatLimp

    Anyone from NYC inspired by NP to start a new D&D group?

    Hey there, any interest in starting a game over Roll20.net?
  5. YoThatLimp

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    Any interest in running a campaign on Roll20.net?