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  1. Merkin Muffley

    Phil the Alien (2004)

    I enjoyed Corner Gas, some of the characters were annoying at times, and others, annoying all of the time, but there was still something about the show I really liked. I watched the first episode of Schitt's Creek and lost track of how many times I cringed, I really hated that show.
  2. K-Pax is pretty good, not sure why it's anywhere near that list.
  3. Merkin Muffley

    What film got you into the podcast?

    I was searching for podcasts to listen to while doing my daily walks. That picture of of the guys like the poster from Junior made me laugh so I gave it a shot. I'm not sure what the first episode I listened to was but it was somewhere around episode 20, just before they did The Room.
  4. Merkin Muffley

    Phil the Alien (2004)

    Have you ever watched a movie that was a real stinker, tired premise, bad acting, ridiculous dialog, and an anthropomorphic, talking beaver as a main character, then, as soon as it was over gone online to read reviews, only to find a lot of people thought it was a great movie? Well this just happened to me with the movie Phil the Alien (2004), written, directed and staring Rob Stefaniuk. The premise of the movie is the tired old, alien crash lands on Earth and has misadventures while learning human ways. The acting, well just look at the picture on the box cover, Rob Stefaniuk is wearing that expression though a good part of the movie, so we know how scared and out of place he is here on Earth. Did I mention that one of the main characters is a talking beaver, voiced by SCTV alumnus Joe Flaherty? The thing that impresses me the most, was not how bad this low budget Canadian film is, but how much many people seemed to like it. 5.4/10 from 659 users on IMDb and 57% on Rotten Tomatoes although there were only 7 votes counted, and Amazon has it at 3.1 stars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H-Af3U2yA8
  5. Merkin Muffley

    EPISODE 104.5 — Minisode 104.5

    This is one I won't even try and watch before the podcast. Don't care about the movie and I don't care if the podcast spoils the ending for me. The six or seven minutes I spent on IMDb reading about the movie was enough to convince me I have no interest in this film. The good thing about the podcast is that it is always funny and enjoyable even if I don't have two shits to rub together for the movie they're discussing.
  6. Merkin Muffley

    North (1994)

    Thanks, I did a search but nothing came up.
  7. Merkin Muffley

    Exit to Eden (1994)

    I remember jerking to this movie. Dana Delany did a full-frontal, if the index of my spank-bank isn't faulty.
  8. Merkin Muffley

    North (1994)

    I was listening to Gilbert Gottfried's latest Amazing Colossal Podcast! and his guest Alan Zweibel talked about a movie he wrote named North. For a cast it has such notables as Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Bruce Willis. The Director was Rob Reiner who gave us plenty of incredible films. The best part is Roger Ebert review, which Alan Zweibel still carries in his wallet and read on Gilberts podcast.
  9. Merkin Muffley

    Shakes the Clown (1991)

    The Florence Henderson scene forever destroyed a sweet and innocent part of my youth.
  10. Merkin Muffley

    Inspector Gadget (1999)

    I was a fan of the animated series and remember seeing this in the theater when it first came out. However, I can't remember a single scene of the movie. I just remember feeling really disappointed and a little angry at having spent hard earned money on it.
  11. Merkin Muffley

    No Really, How Did These Get Made?

    My favorite low budget move has to be Strange Brew (1983).
  12. Merkin Muffley

    High Spirits (1988)

    I love this quirky film as well.
  13. Merkin Muffley

    Episode 96.5 — Minisode 96.5

    While I have, on occasion, jerked off while listening to the show, I'd like to make it clear, that I have never, jerked it to the show. Sometimes while listening, I need to find something to do with my hands, and well, the one just always finds it way down there. I also tend to watch porn without the sound and find myself grabbing my mp3 player and catching up on my favorite podcasts. It's the closest thing I can do to multitasking.
  14. Merkin Muffley

    Cutthroat Island (1995)

    When this movie came out I was ready to like it, I wanted to like it, I even tried to like it. Unfortunately there's just not anything there to like. I even rented the VHS, even though I'd seen it in the Theater, thinking I must have been in a bad mood, or something the first time I saw it.
  15. Merkin Muffley

    God's Not Dead

    I hope no one thinks I was defending this movie. I think it portrays a warped and distorted reality thats meant to be as much propaganda as entertainment. The very plot of them film is written to be a polemic against the growing number of outspoken atheists, Christians are now facing. Even though I no longer share the beliefs of the fundamentalists I grew up with, I still do understand the mindset. Can I get an Amen?