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  1. Okay, so Matt doesn't realize Hurt is a Nine Inch Nails song that Johnny Cash was just covering. Then they do a cowboy-ish scene. If they'd only heard the original I doubt they would ever cut to a scene in "dirt".
  2. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 1906 - Nikki Glaser

    She starts by brushing off Ann Coulter's "I didn't know what I was getting into" defense by saying she turned down the CC Roast writers and had plenty of time to prepare, but then a few minutes later says Ann was a last minute addition due to Bo Derek dropping out.
  3. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    I figured there was no way it was supposed to be Asian because there were too many weird flourishes, but people here are saying it was spot on...
  4. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 224 - Cheeseball

    Sexy robot said Seeso was $5/mo, but it's only $4.
  5. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 216 — Grudge Justice

    I can't even count the number of times an Improv 4 Humans episode ends and I think "that was the best podcast I've ever heard".
  6. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 213 — Dramatic Tornado

    Oh boy that "interviewer" has a knack for using an enormous amount of time to answer yes or no questions. "Did you take classes at the UCB?" "I diiiiiiid, I diiiiiiid. I did go to UCB, yeahhh"
  7. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    The fuck? Did some intern just post "they were on an episode of Comedy Bang Bang with Colin Hanks" to a Slack chat that Brian was reading out loud?
  8. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 9 - Erik Tanouye - Spotlight On: Nathan Ponsor

    Had never heard of Erik Tanouye before but he killed it! Probably my favorite episode of the run so far.
  9. myhandleonearwolf

    24 This American Pie Eating Contest

    Ya'll should really look into a compressor/limiter to even out the volume levels; they're pretty crazy right now with all the music randomly thrown in.
  10. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    PugsDerpHarderThanU Jupiter Ascending? What was that? ChanningTatumHere Great question. I have the same one to myself.
  11. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 30 — Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

    There's a lot more discussion under the Rafflecast episode thread: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/23156-episode-30-%E2%80%94-johnnys-bananas-season-4-writers-room/
  12. Oh please, nice try trying to slide your shitty pay-per-click amateur music review in the forums, but nobody bought it. http://soundblab.com/static/about-soundblab the site exists entirely as filler content to spam on social media
  13. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    You can skip to any moment in this episode and within 5 seconds you will hear an "mm hmm".
  14. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 230 — 29 Forever?

    That Pop Music song at the end was incredible. Can't wait to hear the rest of that album.
  15. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 227 — Movie Theater Plug Life

    I don't think you recognize the psychology behind Kickstarter and the thrill of that final push over the threshold. People start jacking their donation amounts up when they see that a campaign has generated interest and could actually succeed. That's the whole point of Kickstarter- you can have an insane idea, knowledge of how to accomplish it, and if enough people agree with it then it will actually happen. What you're supposed to be doing when you create a Kickstarter campaign is say "I need $X to make this happen. I guarantee it will happen if I get that money." There is no mystery there. If there isn't enough interest to reach that goal then nobody loses. Nobody loses money, and the creator doesn't waste their time on a project that doesn't have any appeal to anybody. In comparison, IndieGoGo is just a donation button. It's an "I want money" campaign. Using your scenario, what if you have a $75,000 goal and only get $10,000? People are still out that $10,000, but since the campaign creator wanted $75,000 we're either going to get a half ass product or no product at all. It's a waste of money.
  16. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 341 — Banging the Table with Stars

    The quality of the music recording is incredible! When the first song started I actually thought "oh this is lame, they're just playing a song off one of the records". I can't believe that was live!
  17. myhandleonearwolf


    American Apparel slim... yeah not a chance that'll fit.
  18. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 334 — The Dream Team

    Totally went and bought the BitTorrent bundle of Hits after hearing this episode! Really enjoyed it! Not perfect, certainly not laugh out loud funny, but it was a good little story with just enough absurdity to keep scenes from getting darkly uncomfortable. I hope it's a successful way to release a movie and he gets to do more.
  19. myhandleonearwolf

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

    I wish people wouldn't try to be funny in the Earwolf forums. Literally nobody is here to read your jokes or enjoy your cynical sarcasm.
  20. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 217.5 — 1/30/15 TWO CHARTED 156

    Hold on, Howard mentions he was going to Vegas a lot for... Scare Tactics? What does this mean! Did he have anything to do with that beautiful disaster of a TV series?
  21. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 210 — Artisanal Podcasting

    I don't even use Rotten Tomatoes because I have to waste 5 seconds re-learning what every icon means every time I open it. Also, holy shit, I didn't realize the Holiday Bundle was a year old. I've been putting it off since they started talking about it this year but damn, now I realize I'm more of a slacker than I imagined.
  22. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 1518 - Erin Foley

    Maybe I'm totally wrong, and I'd be embarrassed to be so after wildly throwing out the term "huge oversight", but everything I click has me forced to fill out a form for a new account with a user/pass/email/full name/security question before I can see anything. Maybe there is a cookie that lets you see certain stuff if you have the login cookie but won't let you see anything secure or change anything (ala Amazon)- so if you get a chance try it out in an private/icognito window in your browser and see for yourself. It HTTP redirects from pardcast.com/premium.php to /accountsetup.php for me. I get that it's picky but at the same time I just want to see how much something costs before I essentially give someone the ability to hack into my online bank account by learning my first hermit crab's name.
  23. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 1518 - Erin Foley

    Kind of a huge oversight that you have to register before you're even able to see how much the Players Club or Pardcastathon cost. It should definitely be the other way around.
  24. myhandleonearwolf

    Holiday Bundle + Brand New 2014 Single Available Now!

    So what uh.. is it exactly? A folder of MP3s? Or maybe just maybe a Bandcamp download code or something? I wanna hear these bad boys lossless!
  25. myhandleonearwolf

    Episode 209 — China Adjacent Apartments

    Knows about Battle Royale AND has a girlfriend, this guy's got it goin' on.