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    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    As a long time DM, I just wanted to thank Sark for a great campaign. Even with all my experience I still learned some things from you (and the group) about running a game and had a ton of fun along the way. Congratulations on your baby and good luck to you Sir! As for where they go from here, I have mixed feelings on it. On one level I want to see the continuing adventures of the this group and how Blaine's style affects the campaign. He knows the characters and the world, so it might be easier for him to continue on from Glinishmore (sp?). On the other hand, It would be fun to have new characters for a world Blaine would feel free to create, without worrying about what Sark had done before. Perhaps when Sark returns and Blaine's campaign comes to a good stopping point, they could continue Season One's campaign with whatever he had in mind. Either way I know it will be a blast and give me great ideas to torture my own players with. Thanks all and see you for Season Two!