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    Episode 99 — Dead Red

    I'm okay with the play overall, but if I hear the word "weird" one more time I'm probably going to make a face and keep listening. I know, not a lot, but still
  2. GarthHansen

    Guest Idea: Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast

    They're on Stitcher which has an app of some kind if you like that.
  3. GarthHansen

    Met Jerry at Cincinnati Comic-Con

    For Glinishmore!
  4. GarthHansen

    Episode 92 — Suck It With Your Mandibles

    Yeah sometimes it's frustrating, and having supreme bullshitter Blaine at the controls has led to some epic marathons of it, but the show wouldn't be the same without it.
  5. GarthHansen

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    Both...reading up on RPG stuff, noticed Brian's name, tangented off into listening to his comedy, tried out an NP cast while doing it...lots of episodes later it's also his fault I'm listening to How Did This Get Made obsessively. So I voted "other" cuz it was kind of a mess, but I guess primarily gaming led me to Earwerf.
  6. We'd transcribe this shit from ep 1 on. I'll take ten minutes. Who else? Also, I've been re-listening from the beginning, and MAN I love Blaine as a player and Sark as DM. He's super-clever and plays with excellent imagination, and doesn't have to worry about "painting the picture" of the game as well as driving whatever crazed narrative is happening. I'd forgotten how damn good the first campaign was, even knowing how it ends. I guess the moral of the story is forget the kid, it won't remember the first year anyway, get back to DMing, Sark!
  7. GarthHansen

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    I became physically downcast when I heard Brian say "we like the show" in re art of charm.
  8. GarthHansen

    No Episode 89???

    You can't have my umbrage. I need it. Take someone else's.
  9. GarthHansen

    No Episode 89???

    haha thanks for the update. I just started the series from the beginning again in the interim. no way am i being weird about this
  10. GarthHansen

    Any info on Nerd Poker ep 89?

    Just thought I'd check the general board since I'm not seeing any info on the NP forum, no info on Twitter that I could find, etc. Any info much appreciated.
  11. GarthHansen

    No Episode 89???

    blaine favorited a whining tweet from me but no other info. cry noises cry noises cry noises
  12. GarthHansen

    No Episode 89???

    Just commenting to get any replies, wondering the same thing
  13. GarthHansen

    Questions for Sark

    Hey Senor Sarko: I asked this in the ep 73 thread, but I was wondering if there's any chance you can maybe do a minisode-style cast in regards to all the things the party fucked/blew up, the times they went left instead of right, potential plots that never got seen because of those haywire-inducing decisions ("I stab him in the neck. Right?"). Thanks for a great show, I really love it. I love especially explaining to my wife exactly wtf I'm doing listening to people play D&D. Direct reply from her: "That is the single nerdiest thing I've ever heard of." then walk off like she just made the game winning three. Good luck with the baby! I have a 3 month old and she rules like thor. edit: I believe you mentioned something like this or a "post-mortem" at one point during the game, that's how it got in my head.
  14. GarthHansen

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Whoa, didn't see it coming...it sure seemed there was a lot more that could have been explored on this campaign. I'm glad they wrapped it up in a way though...a 20 on the babyhead woulda been nice, damien. question...any chance of a "post-mortem" from sark, in regards to things that happened differently, stuff the party blew up because they're bulls in china shops, etc? I'd listen to that, even if it was just Sark casting it in his spare time. maybe that could be an interstitial program to hold us over for a while, while sark's playing with his IRL baby (I just had one too, they're awesome dude)