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  1. MichaelStacy

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    No kidding. That new ghostbusters movie looks beyond terrible. And thank god the general public recognizes that
  2. MichaelStacy

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    This is my favorite thing that's ever been said. Thank you for this
  3. MichaelStacy

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Logged back into my account just to say that Aparna Nancherla was an almost unbearable guest. That first interview with her was horrendous and poor Scotty tried to making it funny and interesting. She might be tied with Cameron Esposito for my most disliked podcast guest and comedienne in general.
  4. MichaelStacy

    Episode 312 — Grounded Me@

    Please make General Jim Science a real character and have him on the show! Just for the love of god don't let it be Andy Daly.
  5. MichaelStacy

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    Man, why doesn't Paul do Ice-T or John C Reilly or Danny Glover as much as he does these guys. I feel like The characters in this ep along with Gary Marshal are really played out and peaked early in their appearances. Without Fourvel around I'm sort of dreading hearing ALW's voice. I want old CDR back. Although I will say Scott's on the top of his game with his odd little Scottisms. Long live Scott.
  6. MichaelStacy

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Bummer of a milestone episode. Oh, well there's always the 600th ep. I'm certain i'm in the minority here, if not the only one, of people who were let down by this episode. Kind of expected a cavalcade of stars like in the anniversary shows. Got mildly interested because I was a fan of the first part of this story... The bummed out again listening to Andy fumble through a collection of similar sounding characters who peaked in their debut episodes. Haterz back off
  7. MichaelStacy

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    More Joe Wengert and less James Adomian. I was a fan of his earlier character work, like Huell Howser's first couple appearances. But I don't believe i've laughed at an Adomian character in quite some time..
  8. MichaelStacy

    Episode 293 — Monster Muscles

    Can we a get an Intern-Off between Tracy, Marissa, Geno, J Montgomery Scott and Lil Gary? They're all skilled at the craft of internship, but who's the best?
  9. MichaelStacy

    Episode 288 — Back to Barz, Back to Reality

    Well Game of Thrones is on a bye week (Sklar Bro sports style reference) this Sunday, so get your earwolf fill and catch up. We got 3 episodes left in the season and shits already hitting the fan. By the way... love me some Sklar bros.
  10. Scott - 'Was it Slash?' Scott - 'No..' Scott - 'Was it the Edge?' Scott - 'No... oh wait, it was the Edge!' had me laughing pretty damn hard
  11. would love to hear Bob Odenkirk as guest on this show. Scott's impressions of him portray him as crotchety and opinionated. Scott and Scott and Bob would be a U Talkin' dream lineup
  12. Haven't been more excited about an earwolf podcast ep then I have for this one! U talkin u2 to me has actually usurped the role of my favorite podcast from CBB. this is such a bros show. just bros bein bros and not giving a fuck
  13. MichaelStacy

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    appreciate your civil comment bro. if that's the case, I might give it a full listen through then. oddly enough I was a fan of the first time TAH came on comedy big bang theory with the characters of colonel tick tock and harry houdini. I got a kick out of those guys 'im harry freakin houdini.. the king of EXcape'
  14. MichaelStacy

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    as Scott would say.. you dont have to be a cocksucker about it
  15. MichaelStacy

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    Maybe it's just me, but for me this long time listener, part time contributor, believes it's okay to critique the things you love. I'm newish to the forums. coincidentally my first post. no h8 bros