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  1. Crazy woman harassing service dog & man in wheelchair at Walmart https://youtu.be/rXuX-CNL0r0
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HouQQTQuDd0 "Unique Sound Imitator" on an Arabic talent show
  3. I love that Scott & Scott's account of an old Irish guy from a barely-culturally-relevant rock band saying 8 words to them on his way out a door is so much more giddy & excitable than their account of meeting a sitting president.
  4. "How not to be an Adult" Man with video camera desperately tries to seem victimized by local police officer because he parked his truck illegally.
  5. Mageeza

    EPISODE 344 — Classic Switcheroo

    I know I'm no Dabney but I couldn't resist giving it a shot.