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    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    Thank you for being a much better person than me. It was an older conversation that didn't involve Scott, but this NEW news is much more encouraging than my vague old news that who knows maybe I just made it up runnnnn on sentence, runn on into the niiiiiight.
  2. bwilliamsdc

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    There is a thread on Howl in these forums where someone implied that the Android app is being developed. It was from quite awhile ago, so I hope that's still true. Either way, it's disappointing that something was not ready for this launch. Sorry for no links. I just have no journalistic integrity and you can all *points at crotch*.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the bonus segment! Glad I saw this before I started the audio. I tend to still just stick to the audio even though I'm a member. Players' Club is totally worth it just for the second episode, imo.
  4. bwilliamsdc

    EPISODE 237.5 — 6/19/15 TWO CHARTED 176

    Really feel the need to +1 Ku's recommendation for Gracias Madre. My friend lives in that neighborhood and brought me there when I visited. Really fantastic. Have a mezcal mule.
  5. bwilliamsdc

    EPISODE 234 — Weedies

    Late to this because I was on vacation. Spent a day in LA with my friend who works at Golden State (he'd be the only vegetarian working at the burger joint). He pointed out the mentioned the hyper exclusive restaurant. Ironically called "Community" (since no one can get in). But people who work there just call it "No Name." There's some completely useless information for everyone.
  6. Guys. Serious question. Is this canonical? The death of Leykis possession. Is this the end of Adomian's Leykis? Okay, it's not a serious question. I'm sure it's not.
  7. Rattlesnake thing = vibraslap! Edit: I should be more patient.
  8. I'm so glad they sorted out the crumping and krunking confusion. I was about to lose it... over the difference between crumping and krunking..... What is my life
  9. I love that these guys are basically trapped into making one of the most entertaining things I've heard because of U2. It's the most I've ever liked U2, actually. Also same-shirting it with Adam Scott right now.
  10. bwilliamsdc

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Long time, first time. I enjoy pants and this solo bolo. Oh, and we can afford $80 pants because of all of the savings we get from free-ish entertainment. Treat yourself and become less cranky.