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  1. why does this trailer use the music from Stargate???
  2. registradus

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    Is this the first Rodney Dangerfield movie on HDTGM???
  3. registradus

    Hot to Trot (1988)

    after listening to episode #164 of Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. I completely agree
  4. registradus

    Futureworld (1976)

    with Westworld currently airing on HBO, I think this is the perfect time for a Futureworld episode
  5. Yeah they page never really worked. was pretty buggy
  6. registradus

    Robocop 2 (1990)

    Robocop 3 was on TV last night. I think they both need an episode.
  7. registradus

    Jurassic World (2015)

    I don't understand how anyone can view this as anything other than a B-movie. and enjoy it.
  8. registradus

    Jurassic World (2015)

    Only movie I've seen where the advertised product is broken/cracked?
  9. registradus


    Rogue. It's like Anaconda. except a Crocodile. in Australia.
  10. registradus

    Am I really dumb (no U.S listerners)

    Not sure about the white takeaway boxes. But we (in Australia) definitely have pizzas delivered by scooter (although most of them are by car). and definitely have alcohol in brown paper bags (especially long necks), I think it's something to do with liquor laws and not being allowed to have open alcohol on the streets?
  11. registradus

    Terminator: Genisys (2015)

    there is pretty much zero Matt Smith
  12. registradus

    Terminator: Genisys (2015)

    It is bad. but not as bad as Jurassic World. or Terminator 3.
  13. registradus

    Jurassic World (2015)

    I think Mara Wilson said it best: "Let's put it this way: in Jurassic Park, the music swells even they see a herd of dinosaurs. In JW, when they see... a theme park." https://twitter.com/...939248104505346
  14. just listening to the Digital Drift review of Terminator 3 http://www.digitaldrift.co.uk/2015/06/digital-drift-72-terminator-3-rise-of-the-machines/ THERE ARE SO MANY PLOT HOLES