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  1. DuffyKris

    Ringtone and love the show!!!

    Omg Si. I just went through the classic ringtones that are a part of my phone and upon seeing sci-fi I laughed thinking to myself "it's been sitting here all along!?" Truly, thank you for your response and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You absolutely rule! Cheers and once again, thank you! -Duffy
  2. DuffyKris

    Ringtone and love the show!!!

    In love with the show and have been listening to it from the beginning. I never get enough of the group and it's also a bit nostalgic thinking of the days when I used to DM in high school. Simply, funny people make everything great! So in episode 89 "Uncle Giggle's Haunted Mansion, I found it hilarious and fitting when a cell phone went off in the background playing a very spooky ringtone. I want to say it's from old 50's shows or something but I have no clue what to even call it. As Halloween is coming up and I'm a big fan of anything nostalgic, I would absolutely appreciate if anyone could tell me the name of that ringtone so that, I could also, make it mine. =) Cheers to the Nerd Poker crew and random guests and cheers to the Nerd Poker community! -Duffy
  3. DuffyKris

    Ringtone and love the show!!!

    "Calling all cars, calling all cars......come in, cars." Haven't heard a peep from anyone and wondering if anyone has a clue or if simply, nobody cares. It would be a pleasure to hear from anyone that has the answer and I will bump this thread weekly in hopes of finding that person that will simply state: "Oh, yea! I know that! It's <fill in the blank>!" Cheers everybody and looking forward to the next PC, Duffy
  4. DuffyKris

    Ringtone and love the show!!!

    Nobody has a clue!? 50 points to the first person with a correct response! To give you the exact location of the sound, go to episode 89 "Giggle's Haunted Mansion" and skip to exactly 23:08 into the podcast. You will hear the ringtone almost immediately. I will post it here myself if I find it....and if anyone is interested. (State that you are. :>) Cheers and happy answering, Duff
  5. DuffyKris

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    One of my favorite episodes to date! Does anyone know of the JJ Abrams blurb they talked about? What show was this on? Cheers and keep on rockin' it Earwolf! -d