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    Experimenter (2015)

    I'd love it if you did good movies more often. Not all the time, but every once in a while. I suggest Experimenter, a fantastic, fourth-wall breaking, elephant-in-the-room biopic that I would love to learn more about. Seriously: how did a movie like this get made? We need more.
  2. AaronSteinmetz

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    My name for Billie Frank: Esther Hoffman Howard.
  3. AaronSteinmetz

    Episode 87 — Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

    Here's my problem with the rape scene: it proves the mother right. She tells her daughter to stay away from that low class boy, she ignores her mother...and then gets gang-raped by hillbillies. The moral of Easy Rider 2? Never date outside your class.
  4. AaronSteinmetz

    Episode 3 — The Joshua Tree

    So you guys talked about The Joshua Tree almost being a double length album. Got me to thinking: what would my double length version be? Well here it is: 1. Where the Streets Have No Name 2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 3. With or Without You 4. Running to Stand Still 5. A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel 6. Red Hill Mining Town 7. Desire 8. In God's Country 9. Sweetest Thing 10. Angel of Harlem 11. Trip Through Your Wires 12. One Tree Hill 13. All I Want is You 14. Exit 15. Silver and Gold 16. Bullet the Blue Sky 17. Mothers of the Disappeared Boom, dog. I'll be the first to say it: some of these probably aren't from the Joshua Tree sessions. I don't care. I just listened to this playlist and it kicks serious ass for several reasons. Reason one: symmetry. Side One is tracks 1-4, ending with Running to Stand Still, a perfect side closer, at around 20 minutes. Side Two: 5 - 9, clocking in around, oh, twenty minutes. Side three? Tracks 10 - 13 at right around twenty freakin' minutes. SIDE FOUR!? *ahem* Tracks 14 - 17, nineteen minutes. But pretty damn close to TWENTY MINUTES!!! Reason two? Flow! One problem I had with Joshua Tree is just as you were getting into the darker, grittier side of U2 (Exit) it shifted right back to the tragic, operatic side (Mothers of the Disappeared). And let's be honest: Bullet the Blue Sky had no business being on side one. Splitting up With or Without You and Running to Stand Still was downright criminal. I skipped BTBS for literally DECADES because I wanted the album to slow down at track four which it damn well wanted to. Reason three? Southern Comfort. And lemonade. Of which I've had quite a bunch tonight. Reason four? Even if most of the tracks I've added to this were from the Rattle and Hum sessions it would only mean one thing: no Rattle and Hum. I rest my case. And my head. Against my pillow. I've got a long headache waiting for me tomorrow.
  5. AaronSteinmetz

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    I realized while listening to your podcast the chief difference between Ernest Goes to Jail and the other three Ernest movies: children. Ernest Goes to Camp, Saves Christmas and Scared Stupid all prominently featured children in leading roles alongside Ernest. Goes to Jail? Not a child to be found. Thing is, Ernest, bumbling and failing left and right, works when he has children to play off of, especially when the children provide the solution to the problems. The child becomes the adult and the adult becomes the child. Comedy! Remove children from the equation and you've got an adult behaving like a child around other adults. Doesn't work. Of course I say that knowing full well I was the very target audience when I watched it and I loved it. A lot. I saw this movie with my mother in the theater as a dual feature alongside Spaced Invaders and I loved them both. My mother, evidently, really loved me.