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    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Wow Harris...getting bojangled by 13 year old Jewish girls? #Humblebrag much!!
  2. It really pisses me off to think that Taymor and co are millionaires and could produce something so completely incompetent. The anecdote about the stage manager being the only person with any good ideas really drove it home for me. It's really sad when you consider how many struggling people their are trying to get a break who probably could have crushed a Spider Man musical. It takes an insane amount of hubris and complete disconnect from reality to produce something so god awful.
  3. LiamAhern

    Episode 290 — Shed Busting

    I think a live drummer playing over the conversation would be the only thing that could improve this ep.
  4. My boss came over to my desk asking what I was freaking out about right around when Scott played the Cheers theme. That was so good uhhhhhhhhhhh earwolf podcasting.
  5. That 30 second copy right rule is an urban legend. Totally not a real thing. http://studentpressblogs.org/nspa/the-non-existent-30-second-rule/ Scott and the gang would be able to make a decent fair use case as this is technically music criticism, and using snippets rather then full songs would help their case. But if U2 really wanted to sue they definitely could. But they won't because the backlash wouldn't be worth it.