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  1. deafvox

    Episode 164 — Writing

    Didn't know what galoshes were until now
  2. deafvox

    Episode 163 — Planning

    But without David to set himself up for derailment, Kyle is... still hilarious! Haha
  3. deafvox

    Episode 9 — Dimensions

    This episode made my brain spin
  4. deafvox

    Episode 163 — Planning

    without a doubt
  5. deafvox

    Episode 152 — Screen Printing

    He does look a bit like a little cat
  6. deafvox

    Episode 153 — Animation

    I love how Sara's voice sounds so shaky and excited.
  7. deafvox

    Episode 158 — Film Composing

    I love this subject!! There should be a part 2.
  8. deafvox

    Episode 146 — Anxiety

    Long live Doctor Burrell!
  9. deafvox

    Episode 145 — Data

    I never realized how helpful data can be!
  10. deafvox

    Episode 143 — GMOs

    same here. Wish they had called Kyle's mom though.
  11. deafvox

    Episode 142 — Film Making

    I'm very impressed by David's comeback in the top-shelf-thoughts game! Also, could Mike Kennedy be a more likable person? I think not.
  12. deafvox

    Episode 140 — Show Business

    Hate to agree, but... Yeah, I completely agree.
  13. deafvox

    Episode 134 — Regrets

    But a raw food diet isn't the same as a vegan diet. Raw foods includes raw meat and fish.
  14. deafvox

    Episode 133 — Goals

    Oh my god.. YES!
  15. deafvox

    Episode 160 — The Moon

    Wikipedia girl really knows that she's talking about!
  16. deafvox

    Episode 131 — Animal IQ

    I can't get enough of that raccoon story. Hahaha
  17. deafvox

    Episode 130 — Sex Work

    This episode reminded me of the documentary Whore's Glory... It's very upsetting. >_>
  18. deafvox

    Episode 129 — Scientists

    Two scientists is good, but 5 scientists would be outstanding.
  19. deafvox

    Episode 128 — Midwives

    More Judy Dunnigan on the show!!
  20. deafvox

    Episode 127 — Luck

    I'd love to.
  21. deafvox

    Episode 126 — The Universe

    I laughed at "thumbs down for God"
  22. deafvox

    Episode 125 — Catching Up

    I totally relate to Kyle's 'night guy' thing.
  23. One of the worst things about facebook or youtube comments/texting is that your words lose about 90% however they are intended to be understood. That's my 2 cents.