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  1. Here is my CBB Plugs theme song. You are welcome or screw you, depending on your reaction. jk please like me. https://soundcloud.c...cbb-plugs-theme Updated link. Volume has been pumped up!
  2. Chris Link

    Casio Bang Bang plugs theme

    Thanks Sarah. I amplified it. You were right!!
  3. I loved this movie as a kid but watching it now, it's pretty bad. My favorite things about it are Fisher Stevens characters use of the word fag and the way that these high school kids drink and drive so cavalierly. Harvey Keitel turns in a nuanced performance as hippie science teacher that hates "the Man". There is lots of material here.
  4. Chris Link

    Episode 198.5 — 9/19/14 TWO CHARTED 137

    Hey Howie... The cam girls only get about 33% of the money brought in on the cam site but if they take it to Skype they can offer a discount for the consumer and then get 100% of the money. They get paid using amazon or paypal and get 100% of $50 rather than 33% of $75. The cam sites have rules against it, but these cam girls pay no mind. Love the show.