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    This is a perfect example of how batshit crazy some of you are. I say a guest's picture is annoying, you imply that I hate myself and I have a terrible life. I hadn't even thought of any of that again until now but it's nice to know that me, a random stranger on the internet, and my slight against a female podcast guest's picture is evidently eating away at you. Do you have a Tumblr page for fans of Kate Berlant? I'd love to join in on the fun.


    It's because 1) a guest's appearance and/or headshot have no bearing upon their performance in an audio medium so it is at best a meaningless thing to remark upon, and 2) observations (whether negative or positive) about a guest's physical appearance tend to happen disproportionately more often when that guest is a female.

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  2. Is anyone else unable to play podcasts through the howl.fm desktop site? Everything works fine on my Android app, but I've been trying to play podcasts on howl.fm all day to no avail; I log in to my account, but anytime I click on play I just get the 'Howl Premium' pop-up asking me to start a free trial of Howl Premium, even though I'm already a subscriber.

  3. A fantastic year of CBB, but I sorely missed James Adomian in 2015. After being a huge part of the previous few years, he was severely underrepresented in comparison. My one wish for 2016 is for more Tom Leykis, Paul Giamatti, Jesse Ventura and Merrill Shindler!

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  4. Wow, Thomas Middleditch makes his CBB debut this year, and made the Best Of for each one of his appearances. All well deserved too - Silicon Valley P-cast was my personal favorite of the year, but I forgot how great Kid Detectives was.

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  5. I think the reason why Gino always kills it is pretty simple - there's no real back story to slog through. I can't think of who else can come in with such little backstory and is just free to shoot the shit on the fly without it changing the cosmetics of the character, so there's this unrestrained freedom in all of it.


    I feel like this is dead on. There's no mythology and no backstory for hosts to go over and listeners to catch up on, but Gabrus has in my opinion one of the quickest and sharpest comedic minds in the world. It's also the reason why Gino is (rightfully) a fan favorite but hasn't made a CBB BotY yet - he can be deployed when you may not have murderer's row of guests, but he can single-handedly carry the show in a lower key way.

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  6. Wow! What an honour to have my plugs theme played with such amazing guests.

    Thank you to the engineer who picked it, this was a grepisode from tip to taint.

    The bar was so high before my theme came on, I hope I don't come off as a stain on the underpants of this grep ;)



    Dude, that was a seriously impressive Tom Waits growl. I dug it.

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  7. Great list, and I really appreciated the glimpse behind the episodes during the countdown. I definitely agree with everyone that's a bit disappointed in the lack of Gino. The other thing that really struck me was was the complete lack of James Adomian on the list. Not really a surprise - he's been on a lot less and the appearances he has made haven't been his most memorable IMO - but still kind of surreal to see no Adomian at all.

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