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  1. No mention of that plane Bono was on falling apart in midair! Could've made for some nice, titular subject matter for the inaugural ep. of Let's Talk Air Travel. But we've got The Almighty Daughter now, so what the fuck am I complaining about? Praise Christ, our lord and savior, and thank him for the bounty that is this ep!
  2. Obviously cut this, but I really couldn't stand the snooty liberal Hollywood politics that pervaded this episode, and it made me want to go murder some people! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR TRAFFIC PROBLEMS, PAUL! This was awesome, awesome, awesome. I'm really excited to hear where this podcast goes, and find out what happens with this fascinating traffic situation! Hilarious podcast, excellent concept.
  3. AndrewStewart

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    Was that Jack White covering La Roux for Eddie's intro? Never mind, there's no way that's true. It does sort of sound like his voice, though.
  4. AndrewStewart

    Episode 317 — Tash.2

    I don't feel like she'd be one to do some dumb bit like the one I'm imagining here, but I have to ask anyway: was Natasha's thing with the shekels in her throat for real?? That was crazy. This is a really good episode.
  5. AndrewStewart

    Episode 203 — Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    Podcasting is a true modern marvel. This is the only comedy thing I've listened to today and already my face and throat hurt from laughter. Thank you KuKu, Howard, and Matt! Also BPM was money in the Rockstaurant bit.
  6. I bet Apple had to shell out beaucoup dolores for this album. Makes me wonder when Steve Cook first heard of U2.
  7. AndrewStewart

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Number Nine. The Witch and the Wardrobe. Number Nine. The Witch and the Wardrobe. Number Nine. The Witch and the Wardrobe. I think I enjoyed more of the music in this ep. than in any other. Still probably not enough to actually buy the album, but I did like it. Scott seemed to enjoy a pretty good portion of it too, so that was nice. Though I was surprised he went with the RATM/Linkin Park comparison on that one song when, to me, it sounded exactly like RHCP's "What I got, you got to get and put it in you." Anyway, it's really cool when Harris opens up about his substance abuse problem. I'm glad he got through that period of his life without seeming to have lost too much besides that girlfriend he mentioned. He's still funny as hell, still loves Phish, and still a chiller. Good for him, and for us.
  8. AndrewStewart

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    But Brad wasn't there when they talked about "second" being a synonym for "two." Man, I get real cheesed when they break continuity like that!!
  9. AndrewStewart

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    I also would like to know why Earwolf stopped doing video podcasts. Cost more than it was worth, or what? A video U Talkin' U2 To Me would've been a nice thing to have.
  10. Maybe you could tell us about your fuck style?
  11. Weird how nobody called attention to the fact that Scott's favorite album changed from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb to Achtung! Bebé! Scott: "... You don't want everyone to see your balls and your anus." Background-episode Scott: "Those are the types of happy accidents..." It's been awhiled ride!
  12. Man, I realized a few days ago that I now look forward to new episodes of this podcast more than I look forward to new episodes of Game of Thrones (or any other TV show). Now they're both ending within one week of each other. What a cruel twist of fate, as though it were scripted by Lord Lloyd Webber himself!
  13. Dare I say Adam is developing a catchphrase in which he asks about people shaking their little fannies? Two consecutive weeks!
  14. They finally addressed Scott's pronunciation! That's been such a long time coming. I honestly never thought I'd live to see it.
  15. Comedy Green Day, in which Seth Green and Charlie Day discuss the music of The Offspring. Mantzive Ablack, in which Jason Mantzoukas and Michael Ian Black discuss the trip-hop genre. Ku-Tang Clan Paint Something To Fuck With, in which Kulap Vilaysack and Kumail Nanjiani discuss the Wu-Tang Clan while painting a sex doll for some reason. Forget It, Jake, It's Crazy Town, in which Jake Fogelnest grimly ponders the band that gave us the turn-of-the-century classic, "Butterfly."