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    Howl.FM App Help!

    Yesterday the howl.fm app just crapped out on me. I can't play any podcast. It gives me the X of death and if I try to download a show it just flashes and shows a play button. I'm on an iPhone. In the past I've deleted the app and reinstalled to fix it, but that did not work.
  2. Why do all comedians bag on people wearing shorts? Turns out it's pretty fucking hot in July.
  3. DustinDeVore

    EPISODE 67 — Why Celebrities Go Crazy

    So I think the stuff about Garth Brooks is way off base. To preface, I'm from Tulsa, Ok (don't worry not one of the crazy Okies), Garth lived about 15 miles or so north of Tulsa for the last decade or so and he was far from crazy. When he left the spotlight in the late 90s he basically just became a family man living at home and organizing charities. People from Owasso would see him now and then and he'd just be a nice normal guy. It was to the point that people were just used to seeing him and it was like seeing a neighbor. Recently, Garth played 7 or 8 sold out nights here in Tulsa. I saw him on a Sunday and it was his 5th show that weekend. The stuff in the video matches his stage prattle. He likes to think he's welcoming everyone into his home. His band is pretty much the one he played with in his college town of Stillwater and the shows were amazing. Now, is he out of touch with the modern world? Probably. He actively campaigned against releasing his music digitally for a long time and doesn't think albums should be broken up into individual tracks. I give Cracked a pass on their take on Garth because of a lack of familiarity with him. Here in OK it's not that way. We are raised on Garth and he's part of the family.
  4. Dearest Mr. Besser, What state should you make fun of? How about Oklahoma. Now, I'm a proud Oklahoman who lives in Tulsa and I love my city, but the rest of this state is f'd up beyond belief. We just this week filed a suit against Colorado's pot laws. This is coming from a state that says it's all about the tea party and states' rights. We have passed Voter ID laws, anti-Sharia Law laws, we are super Xtian, we have Jim f'n Inhofe as a Senator, Toby Keith, and well a shit ton of dumb people.
  5. DustinDeVore

    Case Closed should be it's own podcast

    The problem w/ case closed is that the people who have the opposite opinion never come off as informed or confident. Even if you're a huge I4H fan you'd get nervous talking to Matt if you called into the show. HAving said that, it should remain part of the show for those that like it. I can't see it carrying a whole podcast.
  6. DustinDeVore

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Just a couple quick things... This film notoriously features the worst Bond car ever, a Ford LTD. Also, Zorin dies falling from the Golden Gate Bridger, which is not necessarily a death sentence considering that people have lived from that fall. Hopefully, the producers of new Bond films will realize this and bring Walken back.
  7. DustinDeVore

    The Wraith (1986)

    I just rewatched this at a bar this week. So horribly good.
  8. The WWE has announced that it is a producing an "untitled celebrity death pool" film that will star Ken Jeong, Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff and others. Whenver this comes out, it is a lock for a HDTGM episode. I mean it's produced by WWE and some group in Dubai... http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Official_Announcement_on_New_WWE_Movie_with_Hulk_Hogan_David_Hasselhoff_and_Ken_Jeong.html
  9. DustinDeVore

    The Wraith (1986)

    I think I saw this movie on the local Fox affiliate here in Tulsa back in the 90s on a Saturday afternoon. For some reason it stuck with me. It is insane and I love the "gang". It reeks of the Police Academy Bobcat Goldthwait gang. Clearly a sheen classic. Nothing will ever match the golf scene from Navy Seals, but this movie is close.
  10. DustinDeVore

    Episode 147 — Old Dread Ben

    There's actually a really good documentary about Bronies called Bronies. It's basically kids and men who just need to have other people in their lives. Basically seems a lot like people who play D&D. Fellowship finds itself in all forms.
  11. DustinDeVore

    The Wraith (1986)

    Charlie Sheen plays a mysterious man back from the dead who kills people with a magically regenerating ca; because as we all know, the afterlife is all about revenge and sweet rides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QNDycDirxA
  12. DustinDeVore

    Ernest Goes to Jail Corrections & Ommissions

    Guys you have to check this out. Gailard Sartain who is in the Ernest films was in a local access sketch show here in Tulsa Oklahoma when my dad was a teenager in the 70s with GARY BUSEY! Busey played a character called Teddy Jack Eddie. One of my fave skits was spam sculpting. Sartain is also a good poster artist and does a lot of work for charities in town. You can read about the sketch show, which was called Mazzepa Pompazoodi: The uncanny film festival and camp meeting at this link http://www.mazeppa.com/about_the_show.html