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  1. Oh wow! I can only hope for some eps like 'Let's be Frank', or Scott willing 'RU Popping my Stones'
  2. I like Carmen, I do not like Caramel, but I do like PFT talking about Caramel.
  3. ChrisTusa

    Episode 313 β€” Gumbo Challenge

    Gotta say, the Choctaw is slipping recently. His math has been suspect at best and he's not nailing his Little Shop of Horrors songs. I'll have to give this on a C+.
  4. ChrisTusa

    Episode 94 β€” Glitter: LIVE!

    This is good uh....podcasting.
  5. ChrisTusa

    Episode 312 β€” Grounded Me@

    The worst part of this podcast was the 20 minutes they weren't mastering the "Hollywood Facts" theme.
  6. ChrisTusa

    Episode 311 β€” Denny’s Boys

    Comedy Bang Bang released on a Thursnight!?!?!?! What good thing did I do to deserve this?
  7. Really enjoyed Engineer Cody Cody's contribution to this one.
  8. ChrisTusa

    Episode 310 β€” Little Button Puss

    Best Doctor Who/Comedy Bang Bang crossover yet.
  9. Nasim Red Hot Chili Peppers!
  10. We've got the album.....now all we need are some T-shirts!!!!