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    Episode 413 - Cranking It to Coldplay

    Ugh, Cameron Tom is one of the hackiest comics around. Her His routines are hot shehorned message comedy garbage that appeals to Buzzfeed demographics.Every time she he tries to convey a message through one of her his far fetched monologues on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE it induces pure cringe because, unlike an Aziz Anssari, Billy Crysstal she he fucking bombs at nuance or doing justice to any of her his issues. Her His delivery is clumsy too/. Stop trying to make her him a thing, Scott.
  2. Sleaze_J

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    When Scott began the ad read and said, "Guess who's back for the 400th?" I thought, "Hayes and Sean!" Turns out it was Squarespace. Oh, well. Grep and congrats to hosts of Comedy Bang! Bang! of all stars and stripes.
  3. After repeatedly accusing callers of being peepers, Tom Scharpling is unmasked as the real peeper. I suspected it all along and finally feel vindicated.
  4. Sleaze_J

    EPISODE 216 — Grudge Justice

    Dan O'Brien is a great poet. He's right up there with Dalton Wilcox and Patrick McMahon, though his stuff isn't as dark.
  5. Sleaze_J

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    No surprise that ScuzzMan shows up asking for money at the same time Hayes leaves and Sean gets all that sweet Howl doughsef to himself.
  6. Are you talking about a NoNo Bolo?
  7. Hayes and Sean should have given Engineer Brett a chance to respond after they said those terrible things about his dad, Col. 'Stard.
  8. This episode was an important reminder that we all need to take a moment out of our day and stop and smell the porno.
  9. Sleaze_J

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    You're right. Hayes should fill in for Kulap when she's gone. Then, when Howard is gone, Kulap can fill in for Howard, and Hayes can fill in for Kulap. I think we solved it.
  10. Sleaze_J

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    I listen to every episode of Who Charted? but I don't usually listen to an episode more than once. I'm already on a repeat play with this one.* * Paid for by Citizens for Hayes Davenport as New Guest Co-Host in Howard's Absence.
  11. True. I haven't listened to any episodes on the Howl app, but I looked at the episode lengths, including episodes more than six months old, and they are exactly the same. So are they removing ads in the future?
  12. From what I gathered, the ads will still be there if you listen to the free version on the app. They will only be removed on premium.
  13. I just checked out Howl Premium, but it doesn't look like it has any new content from Hayes and Sean or Seth Godin. Bummer. Otherwise, it seems very nice and cool and fun.
  14. I saw Sean out driving today. I honked and waved, and that set him off. He started furiously whipping donuts in the intersection. It was scarier than a skellington or dracula. http://imgur.com/MT3Hl8N
  15. Sleaze_J

    EPISODE 245 — Bush-Shaped Bush

    Grease Nose left the recording again. I hope he gets that bowel issue checked out.