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  1. JamesWalters

    Earwolf store issues

    Thanks for looking into this, Shannon. I emailed happiness@earwolf.com on June 22 and June 30th. I forwarded the exchange to your midroll email address. Thanks again.
  2. JamesWalters

    Earwolf store issues

    Has any one had any issues ordering from the earwolf store? I ordered something that was supposedly shipped on the 10th of June (at least according to the printing label) and I still haven't received it. I tried emailing support about this and haven't heard anything back, which is pretty frustrating.
  3. JamesWalters

    A little problem with this podcast...

    That's the thing. Once you're good at making movies, then you'll have underlings and PAs and they'll make the sandwiches.
  4. JamesWalters

    New Earwolf Store!

    If anyone is interested, the k.n.i.f.e.g.r.a.b. shirts are now available in more sizes. I actually lost weight so I was able to snag an extra medium and it arrived in like a couple of days.
  5. amazing ep "It's the same as Coach®" "No, it's not"
  6. JamesWalters

    New Earwolf Store!

    Please lord print more k.n.i.f.e.g.r.a.b. shirts - preferably in XL. Don't make me put on weight just so I can fit in the XXL size.