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  1. Holy F! That is an amazing idea! I would watch that a million times!
  2. Just absolutely killin' it once again! I don't think this podcast has the ability to disappoint
  3. createtildeath

    Episode 502 - Error 502

    Joe Mande sounds eerily similar to Harris Wittels! It's crazy! Bringing back some great memories
  4. Thank you guys so much for this podcast! This is a token of my appreciation
  5. I seriously can't stop listening. I've re-listened to each ep at least 12 times now!
  6. Hot God! The guest lineup so far is incredible! Again, loving this podcast!!! It can't come out fast enough...I've listened to ep. 1 & 2 about 6-7 times each already until this new one dropped! The musical aspect really makes these eps re-listenable over and over.
  7. createtildeath

    Ep. 2 Sham Wowowow (w/ Mary Holland)

    I can't describe how absolutely in love I am with this podcast/idea! I haven't gotten this much joy and laughter from a new podcast in a while. I need more!!! One new episdode every day please!!!!
  8. Holy shit, I am so incredibly happy about this show! I straight up had to listen to episode 1 twice in a row immediately. Thank you for this incredible idea and beautiful execution!
  9. HOLY SHIT! Was not expecting this this morning. I've never heard of The Family Crest, so thanks! I'll def be checking them out, they sound incredible! This is why I love the music episodes!
  10. createtildeath

    Plugs Theme 2 by MytH

    my humble attempt at another plugs theme...
  11. createtildeath

    So they are gonna review Sharknado 4 right?

    I am devastated! The sharknado episodes are so hilarious, and sharknado 4 had so many moments that would've elicited amazing discussion from the crew. My make a wish foundation wish would be for them to do this episode. The Gary Busey reading cue cards part alone would be so funny to hear them talk about. Cmon guys, do it!!!!!!!!!
  12. createtildeath

    EPISODE 372 — Motown Tea

    Mike Hanford is killin' it as John Lennon! I'm lovin' it! I laugh so hard every time he's on doing John Lennon, keep it comin! Can't wait for that new album
  13. createtildeath

    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    Is it just me, or is Kyle looking JACKED these days?!
  14. So, is this a forum to voice your opinions? Or is this a forum for people to audition their hilarious jokes in the hopes that one of these Podcasters will read it and think "Oh man, I gotta get this random commenter on my podcast!" Give that up real quick. I'm pretty sure this is a place to express your opinions. My opinion is that Janet Varney's laugh is forced and often times fake as fuck, overbearing and distracting. You can agree or disagree. Or suck it. Either one.
  15. Ok. I've tried to hold this in for 10 weeks as not to be a negative nancy...but God damn, I can't anymore. Janet Varney's laugh is killing me. I love this show, love PFT, this shit is hilarious and awesome. But Varney's fake ass ridiculous sounding absurd laugh is making this show unlistenable. That is all. Sorry for the negativity. But maybe...don't have her on anymore? Thanks