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  1. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 160 - Tommy (w/ David Fear)

    Anyone know if Oliver Reed reeled in his awful thoughts about feminism and women’s liberation? Not everything can be blamed on consumption. Reed is usually my favorite part in most films I’ve seen him in (watched The Devils for the first time in full last year and was blown away). I also find him unbelievably hot, big dude with large features and an unending stare. This is all to say, yes he’s passed, but I’m bummed about his politics and hope that maybe he turned a corner. Cuz if you’re not into lifting up women, you’re prob anti a lot of things including gay rights and civil rights...human rights. Also he’s been in scenes that are ridiculously homoerotic.
  2. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 146 - Punch-Drunk Love (w/ Emily Yoshida)

    It seems other voters can describe more clearly why this belongs in The Canon. I won’t touch on depression or the score, which Emily and Amy nailed. For me, it is my absolute favorite PTA film, and one I think defines him as a master filmmaker. The writing and direction are so, so beautiful. When Emily described the scene of Barry in the phone booth trying to reach Lena, I almost broke down. Even in memory, it is so tragic and hopeful and triggers such an emotional response. I understand why Amy does not necessarily buy Lena’s attitude towards Barry, but I think it’s as easy as she’s just intensely lonely and hey, maybe Adam Sandler’s picture wouldn’t do anything for me or you Amy, but diff strokes! With all of my relationships where I fell hard in the first few weeks or months, I completely understand the notion of wanting to be everywhere your lover is...including flying out to Hawaii only after knowing that person for a short time. I loved the discussion of how Emily Watson is lit and shot when she shows up to the warehouse...how we don’t immediately see her face almost as if she’s a fantasy come to life. I genuinely loled at Amy’s comment of how her butt looks like a schoolteacher’s. To quote Robert Forrester as Max Cherry in Jackie Brown, “Ain’t nothin wrong with that!” Amy and Emily didn’t really talk about the hilarious performances of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the immensely underrated Luis Guzman. Guzman has one of my favorite pratfalls in film history when he flips out of his rolling chair. Unfortunately, I cannot find a clip of it anywhere! In any case, great discussion. Loved your friendship chemistry and look forward to following Emily’s criticism further.
  3. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 127- Back to the Future Trilogy (w/ Evan Dickson)

    I don’t have too much to add to this discussion, but it’s a great excuse to present y’all with my favorite goof that’s ever been left in a flick. Just pay attention to the lil kid on the right: Also, I love the way Crispin Glover laughs when he’s watching tv at the dinner table in the beginning of Back to the Future. He makes the movie for me.
  4. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 126 - The Brood (w/ Kier-La Janisse)

    I could listen to Kier-La Janisse and Amy dissect films all damn day. I got House of Psychotic Women for my birthday and have yet to delve into it, but I’m even more stoked about it after listening to this ep. Cannot wait for Yuletide Terror this holiday season. The Fly is not in The Canon and I doubt one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations, Dead Zone, will ever be included (esp after so many political paranoia films have been accepted), so I’d gladly have The Brood. There are a few doc horror movies worth mentioning that came out around this same time including Patrick and The Fury, though Patrick (save for the soundtrack) is a boring representation of a horror film. Asylum, the anthlogy film from 1972, is just a fun watch for horror fans, but also lends a weary eye towards psychology and psychiatry. If Oliver Reed isn’t in The Canon for The Brood, can he be in The Canon for The Devils?
  5. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 73 - Meatballs with Russ Banham

    What a fantastic episode with great insight! I love when guests are forthright with behind the scenes knowledge and Russ did not disappoint. So rad that he improvised the Bobby/Crockett/Mom dialogue. Like Matt and Steve, Meatballs is very nostalgic for me. It’s one of my dad’s fave comedies and I remember sitting in our den and watching it on VHS when I was a kid...one of the only VHS tapes we had in the early 90s. To this day, I still quote the best Bill Murray line, “You beat The Stomach.” I Was There, Too is such a fun podcast and Matt Gourley is such a joy that it kinda bums me out this forum is not visited by more fans.
  6. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 109 - Raising Arizona (w/ Ira Madison III)

    HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! :wub: Not mad at Ira Madison III for that. I'd also put Jesus' Son in the running for the best Holly Hunter role.
  7. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 51 - Melanie Lynskey

    Melanie is such a delight! I, too, am upset that Togetherness wasn't renewed for a third season. I'm sure the ending turned out the way it did because the writers felt like they couldn't leave the protagonists hanging in limbo. It's also a total bummer because she really embodied this flawed character that did somewhat shitty things who you could empathize with, but not feel hatred or martyrdom towards (not sure that makes sense, but "oh duh, she's a human" is kinda the sentiment). Her character's arc was so great to watch this season and I wish it had a chance to go on longer. Not to mention the rest of the great cast Mark Duplass and Amanda Peet (!!!), but also Steve Zissis who I was so stoked to see again after being blown away by The Do Deca Pentathlon. Totally sucks that this smaller narrative doesn't have a place on tv anymore. Anyway, Melanie has such a positive and realistic look on relationships, her comforting voice should narrate all of our internal monologues. Thanks for this podcast!! Everyone should have a long collective cry--just not from this election season.
  8. AmandaNumbraOne


    So stoked you had Simon Barrett on for this episode. YOU'RE NEXT is one of the best horror films in recent years. On the fence about Blair Witch. Hated it in the theater and as an adult, I thought they were a buncha dickheads constantly arguing. That said, the end is terrifying. It's rad that they brought up Man Bites Dog, and they may be right that it's the first found footage movie
  9. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 296 - Nextasy

    As an unabashed rom-com fan/enthusiast, I really think there's some untapped gold between Wie and Riki! There is a obvious chemistry and definite tension. I especially enjoyed the Hamilton back and forth and how Riki wouldn't back down to Howard's arguments, especially after learning he never even saw the damn thing. Great episode...super fun all around. Thanks to FB for lively af eps in the past couple weeks.
  10. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 293 - Village Chief Pillow Fights

    I've been corrected many a time about my pronunciation of certain words after growing up in NJ (living in the midwest, west coast, southeast), and with that comes a sick sense of validation whenever someone brings up the "Super Mare-e-o Bros". Going with Gabrus, "I knew guys named Mario!" Great way to find or avoid the NJ/NY tribe at parties. Also, too scared to submit any question for the impending wraith of HMK that will come along with it. Dude is way harsh on the callers. Face Like Thunder had a great quesh that made Stard utter the words "I'd do an...I don't know...an ass-plant." Love the new developments on the Clench. Anytime HMK brings something from his childhood is golden...(John Lennon tape). Could listen to lil emotionally intelligent Wie's thoughts all day everyday.
  11. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    This ep posed the same director, writer, or actor question of "will more PTA movies be nominated for The Canon and, if so, will they be pitted up against each other?" For me, Punch Drunk Love has everything one could want in a film, and the fact that The Canon has absolutely no parameters or rules kinda bums me out/makes me love it. There are so many other films that will never be argued over that really deserve the Amy and Devin treatment. In the immortal words of Meatballs' character Tripper, "IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!'
  12. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    "I believe in John Carpenter." Me too, Devin. Great episode and not too cantankerous. Duh, yes from me.
  13. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 286 - Mic Chew, One Tech

    Super bummed I missed Wie on his southern greasing sojourn I'm glad that people gave him some love, though--the south can be weird and alienating. That Shepherds song is giving off some serious Iceage vibes. Into it.
  14. AmandaNumbraOne

    Episode 278 - Go Out and Moan

    6 flubbishes--classic Ramhand...although he's ALWAYS prepared with the "4th of July, Asbury Park" clip whenever Wie mentions Springsteen. I love how that must be in Cody's "How to Pacify Howard" Whooch folder. Cracks me up everytime! Pretty great ep. Two things: Stoked that Ku was able to meet Australia!!!! That's huge...one step closer to Dragon Manor. Not sure if H Michael Kre had an automatic "really?" when Ku mentioned for the "bajillionith" time that she "can't watch horror movies, but he already knew that." It literally comes up in every other movies chart every week. i know that Wie "checks out" a lot of the time when Ku talks about her experiences/feelings, but c'mon HMK...old news. Let's move on.