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    Episode 85 — Bugbears Approach

    I liked the appearance of the Bulette (land shark). It was a throwback to the earlier D&D era. A monster based on a rubber toy, pretty cool. I don't mind the mindless battles, as long as they throw in some variety. The smoke breaks are fine by me. It was funny how Sarah kept trying to keep them on track, she's great. I agree with a previous poster that suggested that they have more guest players. Gerry is great, but since he is absent, it would rock to have fill in guests. It can't be that hard to schedule, and I think the listeners would appreciate the variety. I look forward to this podcast each week, more than any other.
  2. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    I like the T shirt design, Surly Captain!
  3. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    I'm almost certain that Houg is human. I listened carefully to the episodes, and at one point it is mentioned. Later, Gerry refers to Houg as a halfling, under his breath, but I believe that was in error. I think that Ken wanted to play a human, after the non-human Dragon-born. As far as Winter goes, you are absolutely right! Little to no details! He carries a staff, has a bag of magic props and hardware tools, is human...but aside from that?
  4. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    Evil Skeleton Pope!
  5. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    Dag Darkomen!
  6. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    I agree! The quality of many of the drawings/computer renderings are amazing! Some more character notes for artists: Gerry did refer to 'the halfling', offhandedly, but I think he was incorrectly referring to Lyra. Houg is human, from what I can tell. Since few of the players played humans in the last game, I think that this time around most of them chose humans. There is little to no description of Gerry's wizard, the "strength wizard (12) haha). I'd like to draw him, but there doesn't seem to be many details yet. He does carry a suitcase or something with magic props and hardware. Thanks to those that added info or corrected me! I just think that notes like this might encourage artists to draw the characters more often.
  7. RaevynTws

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    I have been thoroughly enjoying the new adventures! Blaine has the makings of a really good DM, full of humor and unexpectedly light moments. This episode started off with everyone at kind of a low energy level, but I'm guessing that that is the chance you take when you record episodes back to back. It's fine by me though. This podcast is more for 'fun' than many other podcasts, and that should be kept in mind when listening. At it's best, it's a look into a group of friends totally relaxing and riffing on each other. It certainly does remind me of the better D&D games I've been a part of in the past. There will always be "ums and ahhs", from players, but it doesn't bother me in the least bit. The skeletons have been fun, but I agree that it's time for some quirkier monsters! Keep up the excellent work you guys, you provide more entertainment than you know!
  8. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    Lyra, half elf Thief.
  9. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

  10. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    So far, for drawings sake, we have: (This may help us draw the characters, please amend)! 1) Houg (Hug) Denning: Ken + Doug Henning Illusionist. Human 2) Lyra: Rogue/Thief, dagger, short sword. Human (?). 3) Dag Darkomen: Fighter, looks like the wrestler Undertaker mixed w Brian. Large Axe, leather trenchcoat, familiarity with death. Cousin of Amarth. 4) Winter: Mage, uses magic missles, human (?). Any help would be appreciated!
  11. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    Thanks! I sure could, haha! More to come.
  12. RaevynTws

    Episode 79 — The Roc

    Love this podcast! The new storyline was slow to get going, but it's picking up steam. I personally really like the more fantastic elements; the 'plot Roc' picking them up, the surprising skeletons, the xylophone clues... Fun stuff! Blaine was my favorite guy to listen to in the previous adventure, and so I'm very stoked that he has the DM spot. Go for it Blaine!
  13. RaevynTws

    The Forum Forum

    Hello! Sorry to bother you guys, but I am trying to delete some early attempts at posting a character drawing in Nerd Poker/ Character Drawings. I finally got the (big) picture to post, but the previous three postings were failed attempts. Should I just request that these be deleted, or can I do it myself? Thanks so much! I listen to EarWolf shows all the time, by the way! : ) Thank you.
  14. RaevynTws

    Character Drawings

    Hug Denning on Harryhausen mountain: (I know it's spelled Houg, but I still like Hug better)!