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  1. Tom again! I'm so excited. Steamrollin' chumps forever!
  2. perfect team for steamrollin' chumps!
  3. Good thing that open pocket knife in your pocket got your Love Sac and not your love sack. Am I right, or am I right?
  4. Sean and Hayes are really speaking truth to power with those top fails. Especially Ryan Lewis. Thank you for using this major platform for good.
  5. Stacey_C_

    Episode 88 — Shooting Fish With A Barrel

    my teeth started to hurt during the dentist's office bit, but I loved this transaction" Brian: "This is a DND podcast!!" Sarah "Is it?"
  6. Stacey_C_

    Episode 87 — TV Married

    Got a little emotional listening to Brian's rant on Comic Con. It's always nice to hear someone you really enjoy sticking it to the creeps who treat women like shit.
  7. Stacey_C_

    Episode 86 — We Didn’t Land on the Roc

    Also, Brian makes one of my all-time favorite joke references, "two pussies" when he says "two rabbits".
  8. Stacey_C_

    Episode 86 — We Didn’t Land on the Roc

    yes! came here as soon as I found that commercial. What a creepy hug at the end though, right?