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  1. Hey everybody, As most of you are probably aware by now, I’ve decided to step down as the CEO of Midroll Media (and Earwolf). My last official day as CEO was Friday June 10th and I’ve now entered into a period of consulting for the company, to help make the transition smooth. I approached Scripps leadership a few months ago to talk about what a transition plan might look like and together we agreed that the one year mark from the time of acquisition would make the most sense and would allow me to help with the integration of our newest acquisition, Stitcher. For those who are curious about it, an upcoming Wolf Den episode will talk a little more about the thinking behind the Stitcher acquisition. My decision to move away from the business is a bittersweet one. Being the CEO of Midroll has been the highlight of my professional career. Working with the Earwolf hosts made everyday in the office fun and exciting. It was easy to get out of bed and come into work knowing that the shows we make brighten the days and lives of countless people. It's been an honor to have had even a small role in helping to bring these shows to our listeners. And yet at the same time I’ve spent nearly the past decade running startups (Stepout before Midroll) and I’m ready for a breather. At my core I’m an entrepreneur. I still have the fire in my belly to build businesses and after a break, I’ll be out there again working on something new. As for Earwolf, it has never been in better shape. Two years ago we didn’t even have a dedicated content team. Today, Chris Bannon and his team represent the largest division of our now 65-person Midroll operation. We care more about content and we’ve invested more in content than ever before and that isn’t going to change. As you (hopefully) know, I’ve been a big champion for Earwolf, its hosts, and its fans and rest assured that whoever replaces me in this seat will be as well. It’s simply a prerequisite for the job. When we do have a new CEO in place, I’m sure that he or she will be properly introduced to you all here too. I want to extend a hearty thanks to all of you. Earwolf is fortunate to have the best, most loyal fans in the world. Thank you all for listening, for being patient when we try new things, for speculating about our future plans, for holding us to a high standard, for creating a dialogue here in the forums & Reddit & Twitter, for coming out to live shows, for sporting Earwolf gear, for sending us fun, crazy, weird fan art. Thank you for giving a shit. All of you make Earwolf the special place that it is. I have been so proud to be a part of this family and that isn’t going to change. I’m a huge Earwolf fan and I’m not going to stop wearing my Earwolf hoodie around town. And finally, this news has really hit the Hollywood Handbook guys the hardest. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Sean and Hayes during this difficult time. Keep in touch! All the best, Adam
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    Thank you. Noted!
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    Offline mode is an absolute must. We definitely agree. and it's coming as soon as we get approval from the iTunes store on our latest submission.
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    I appreciate all this feedback. The team is looking into why there's slowness on the mobile website. I'm hoping we can debug quickly.
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    Hi everybody, Adam here again. Hope you're all surviving the doggy days of auggy doggy. First and foremost, I want to thank you all again for checking out Howl, giving us your feedback (positive, negative, constructive and everything in between), and just generally being engaged. As a company we know we're lucky to have fans who give a shit and who have strong opinions and so for that we're very appreciative. We've been tracking your feedback closely and working hard to make improvements to the app in real time. We're waiting on iTunes to release our latest update submitted last week and we're already prepared to submit yet another update to the iTunes store. These updates are driven by your bug reports and feature submissions so keep 'em coming. As for the Android app, I can assure you that we're working incredibly hard to get it to you as quickly possible. We have a world class Android team working on it, and we expect to release it in a matter of weeks (not days, but not months either). Android apps are difficult beasts, they require a lot of QA to account for various devices and we're trying to incorporate in the Android app a lot of the updates that are being added in real time to the iOS app. It would be foolish not to. One thing that's become clear is that we underestimated the importance of releasing the iPhone and Android apps concurrently and for that I'm sorry! I really am. To make sure that none of you Androiders get "punished" by the delay, we've decided to hold off on putting the archives behind the Howl subscription until the Android app is released. So for now the archives remain ad-full and entirely available for your listening and downloading pleasure. In the meantime, while I realize it's not perfect, Androiders can still access the Howl Premium content on the web and via a mobile browser on your device. We're very excited about the road ahead for Howl. We have lots of amazing new miniseries planned for the coming months. We also have some great new app features we're confident you guys will love. One of our goals for Howl is to create an amazing listening experience; both for fans who choose to subscribe to Howl premium, and those who choose not to. We want to create an experience so good that Howl becomes your go-to podcasting app for all the regular free podcasts you love. And not just Earwolf shows. Every show under the sun will be available in Howl eventually. So please keep giving us feedback on the app! We're listening very closely to everything that comes our way. Ok that's all I got for you now. Again, feel free to reach me directly at adam [at] midroll anytime.
  6. Because the episodes are so short, we wanted to make sure that we could start off the series with enough show for people to really dive in and get a taste for what it'll be like. From here on out we'll release three per week.
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    Hey Pete, I don't know if the entire catalog will ever be downloadable to a pc (although it is right now) down the road. We’re still thinking through the ramifications of keeping the downloaded content secure. We’re discussing it though.
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    Thanks for being a listener for so long and I appreciate the concern. You will not be forced to stream content. The iOS app and the upcoming Android app will both allow you to download into the respective app so that you can listen offline. The non-archive episodes (most recent six months) will be able to be downloaded to a pc the same way they're available today. I don't believe credit card payments are restricted to the US. We process using Stripe on the web and they should be accepting international payments. I know we already have a number of international subscribers.
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    So there are definitely additional episodes in the works of some of the series that have already been released (Superego Forgotten Classics, Joel Stein's series, and more). We'll be releasing more and more standup comedy specials too. As for the other new original series that are in the works, I can tell you that it's happening, but for now, we're planning to keep a lot of it a surprise. That makes it fun right? I'm sure we'll leak some teasers soon enough. Video is something we're talking about and we can tell that it's something that people are looking for. The VPN relationship was fun, but it also helped that VPN was bringing the video expertise. Video isn't an area where we really have expertise. So we're talking about it. We can tell that it's something people want. Not sure if we'll be able to pull it off, honestly. But if we can, we'll try!
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    Hey nong men and women. Adam here. Sorry I haven't been around this week. Had a very poorly timed work trip that kept me busy from Monday (launch day) through today. Anyway, just wanted to make myself available here to answer questions and let everybody know how much I appreciate all of you checking out Howl and providing feedback. I hope you can tell that we're taking the feedback very seriously and updating our product roadmap so that we can continue to make the ios app and website (and upcoming Android app. I know, I know. It's coming I promise) better and better based on your suggestions. We're also tracking your feedback on the shows/specials themselves so that we can make more of the stuff you like. I'm grateful that Scott and Shannon have both been around to answer questions, provide some insight and transparency, and absorb the well-intentioned venting sessions. Anyway, that's all I got. Feel free to shoot me an email directly if you have questions or comments - adam [at] midroll. Thanks everybody.
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    So, Midroll got acquired by EW Scripps

    I can see how it may look suspicious given the timing, but in reality they were completely unrelated. We're sad to see both shows go.
  12. Hey everybody, you probably saw the news that Midroll Media (the parent company for Earwolf and Wolfpop) was acquired by EW Scripps. I wanted to reach out here just to let everybody know that we're very excited about this deal, particularly because we feel like Scripps is a perfect partner. Scripps is a content company (even their CEO is a journalist) and the quality of our Earwolf and Wolfpop content was one of the major reasons they were attracted to us — well that and Matt Gourley's unmistakable charm. All kidding a salad, from our perspective, we knew we could only partner with a company that would let us make our content our way. Scripps has made it explicitly clear to me, Scott, and the team that they will not interfere with our content. Plainly speaking, they're not going to fuck with a good thing, and they are huge fans of freedom of speech. Don't expect anything to change except for the fact that we hope to have more resources to make more great shows.
  13. AdamSachs

    EPISODE 78 — Dan Carlin, Host of Hardcore History

    I'm glad this helped you discover Dan and his awesome show. He's really a unique guy. And thanks for listening to the Wolf Den!
  14. It's not an elaborate joke, I promise. It's the real thing!